Rain produces a pleasant rhythm

Saturday evening, when the rains finally came, I joined my sister and brother-in-law in the hot tub at the cottage.
They had the water heated to a hot 110 degrees F, but once immersed, the soothing water seemed to will any aches away. The smoke of the pine burning in the hot tub stove floated down over the tub.
The lake area seemed to close in. The clouds and mist seemed to merge and then the rains began. The steady drizzle produced a cacophony, with sounds emanating from everything the droplets struck.
There appeared to me no rhythm to the sounds.
As the rain plopped into the tub, large splashes erupted into the air. The hot tub is surrounded by tall red pines. A bass sound came from the splashes in the tub.
On the open deck, the sounds beat at a steady rate. The larger lake surface produced a more harmonious patter.
You could hear the hundreds of rivulets of water running down the sloping rock into the lake, making a tinkling sound as they bounced over indentations in the rock.
The pine trees seemed to mute the rain falling, but then a little squall of wind shook the large drops loose to the ground, producing a bigger thump.
The metal roofs of the cabins sounded like a sharp snare drum.
After cooking in the tub, we sat out in the rain for almost half-an-hour as a warm mist seemed to close in around us. I was surprised at how comfortable it felt to be sitting in the rain.
Faintly, through the mist, you could see other cottage lights.
Even though the night was relatively young, the sounds of boats had disappeared and the only noise was that of the rain coming down.
It has been quite a while since we have had a soaker like that. I had never sat out to listen to the rhythms of the rain before. It was a pleasant experience.
The rain continued long past the time I went in for the night. I fell asleep to its sounds.

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