Puppy still causing sleepless nights

Well, it feels like calving since my little Roxee doesn’t sleep through the night yet.
I thought I would try keeping her from getting spoiled but I’ve found that she will sleep longer and later if I take her to bed with me (I don’t do this all the time—only when she cries for a long period of time).
She does seem to quite enjoy her kennel. It is just when she goes out in the night, she seems to think we should play for a while before we go back to bed.
She also seems to be catching on well to heading outside to do her bathroom business, but still is unable to climb steps.
She has been at a few meetings, had a few quick baby-sits with Grandma and Grandpa, and has had lots of company. People are coming to visit Roxee although she usually sleeps while they are visiting (but I’m sure she only will get more social).
Maddie and Marlee, of course, think she is pretty fun but don’t know why she sleeps so much.
My friends from Devlin went and picked up Roxee’s sister, so there is another little black lab controlling some people’s lives these days!
I honestly can say I forgot how much work a puppy is! Oh well, I know it will get better because they really do grow fast.
• • •
I finished putting Christmas away over the weekend, with all my lights and extension cords now stored again for another season.
I certainly didn’t miss having to pick up and move all my miles of extension cords this year (normally after every snowfall, I have to move them in order to plow but that wasn’t the case this year).
I do have a few cords that are frozen in the ice near the barn from the roof run-off, but they can wait until spring to be picked up.
My yard certainly seems dark without the lights but I already have a new idea for next year so I can plan for that.
• • •
In my hurry one night last week, I forgot to shut my gate after feeding the cows and I came home to a yard full of them.
Every one was out—some were sleeping behind the house with the hammock, some were trying to get sunflower seeds out of the bird feeders, and others simply were enjoying waiting for me to come home under the yard light.
As soon as I pulled into my driveway, I spotted tracks and it immediately reminded me that yes, I had forgot to shut the gate.
Fortunately, they were quite easy to get back in, other then that they couldn’t move too fast since it was pouring rain and the yard was rather slippery.
• • •
There are lots of exciting events coming up that you will have to stay tuned for, including a wild food workshop on March 3 and Connie Nelson hosting a food charter workshop on March 8.
I will share more details as they become available.
• • •
Just a quick reminder that if you are interested in using tags with the “Rainy River Raised” brand on them, get in touch with me to place your order.
We have sold nearly 10,000 tags so there are cattle east, west, and now in Russia advertising our great district!
• • •
I hope to see everyone at the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting tomorrow (Jan. 19) at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of Way School in Stratton.

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