Puppy just like having a kid

Have you ever seen the commercials on TV of the cute, adorable puppies running with the toilet paper?
I have one that does that, but I don’t find it so cute in the real world. It is like having a kid—you have to be thinking one step ahead of her all the time.
She really is a pretty good little thing, but every now and then she has to remind us that she is just a puppy.
Roxee met her match over the weekend, though. My boyfriend/partner’s great-nephew twins from Alberta were visiting with their Grandpa and Grandma in Stratton, so we took Roxee for a visit.
Brody was sleeping but Logan wasn’t, and he surprised Roxee with his lack of fear and business. He (being a real little cowboy) was roping her and pulling her, and she was worn out for the evening after our quick visit.
• • •
I’m now into the single digits—just eight more to calve. All my heifers are finished.
Just a month since I started, so I’m happy with my “girls.” I will have a few slow ones but with only running the bulls for 60 days, you know it will end.
My ratio is 2:1 for the boys!
My friends brought me over a twin to put on the cow that lost her calf and that transition seems to be going quite well.
The cow knows it isn’t her calf, but seems to want to raise a calf rather than be dry. So, hopefully, my mama cow can grow them a nice heifer.
I’m also hoping for some nice sunny, crisp days, which keeps the yard nice and the calves healthy.
• • •
I was late for the 4-H Awards Night on Friday but did make it. As I left home, it was snowing like crazy, which made for a difficult drive to Stratton.
But the supper was awesome and there was a great turnout.
Congratulations to all of our 4-H members, but notably Morgan Haw for winning the DeGagne Award and Samantha Stahn for the Plowmen’s Award.
• • •
I had big plans for Saturday but they didn’t turn out as I had thought. I had been hoping to attend the wild food workshop for a bit Saturday morning but I just couldn’t get away in time.
I did make it to one to the girl’s hockey games, but I just couldn’t relax and wait for the other because I had this big cow in the barn that was nearing calving.
My friend J had been over to help me with my last heifer that calved, took a look at my big cow, and said, “OMG, she will be having two or three.”
Then my friend, Marg, was there and said yes, she is full of something and I’d be worried about her, too. So as I sat at the arena, I was thinking, “What if she is trying to calve and she has a couple of tangled up calves or something?”
So we came home.
She did calve that evening, but only had one.
I have a couple places to be this week, so I’m hoping the “girls” will co-operate and I can get back to some of my other work now, as well.

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