Public has chance to pay respects to Ford

The Canadian Press
Colin Perkel

Toronto Mayor John Tory has paid his respects to Rob Ford as his late predecessor lies in repose at city hall.
Tory was first to pause briefly at Ford’s casket today.
The mayor then spoke to the Ford family as they received well-wishers.
Other councillors and dignitaries followed Tory in passing by the casket and greeting family members.
The public at large also will have today and tomorrow to pay their respects before Wednesday’s funeral services.
Ford’s casket arrived at Toronto city hall this morning, accompanied by his brother, Doug, and other relatives.
The city says the rare honour has not been granted to a former mayor in decades.
The funeral on Wednesday will be proceeded by a public procession that will start at city all and end at the downtown Toronto church where the service will be held.
Ford’s family will have a private ceremony afterward.
Ford’s death from cancer last week received widespread media attention—the former mayor became internationally-known for his admitted cocaine use, alcohol abuse, and verbal gaffes.
A spokeswoman for the city said Ford’s family asked that his body be allowed to lie in repose and Tory gave his blessing.
No other mayor has lain in repose at city hall since 1998 and municipal staff don’t have access to earlier records.
But former NDP leader and Toronto city councillor Jack Layton also laid in repose at city hall after his death in 2011.
Ford served as mayor from 2010-14, but his health problems prompted him to drop plans to seek re-election.
He ran successfully for his old city council seat instead.