Practice makes perfect

lakers practice 5

Ken Kellar photo

Pre-season play has begun for the Superior International Hockey League, and the Fort Frances Lakers, under new head coach Bernie Lynch, above, are ready. They’ve been practicing daily, to build their skills and speed. Their first games since COVID shut down the league in spring will be against the Red Lake Miners, November 28 and 29. SIJHL Commissioner Darrin Nicholas calls the commencement of game action in the league a welcomed step in the right direction. “It’s great to be able to shift the focus for our league back where it belongs – on the ice. We certainly want to thank Hockey Northwestern Ontario for their advocacy and leadership to get us to this point, and we remain unified in our commitment to a safe return to hockey.”

Practice makes perfect


Rob Tovey, left, in the role of “Gregory Larson,” rehearsed a scene with Jean-Marc Blanc (“Matthew Stoddard”) and Joleen Hogan (“Stacy Kingsley”) on Sunday afternoon at La Place Rendez-Vous during a rehearsal of “I Bet Your Life.” The dinner theatre production, directed by Cathy Richards, runs this Thursday through Saturday at the Rendez-Vous. Tickets cost $30 each, which are available at Northwoods Gallery & Gifts, and the Rendez-Vous. —Duane Hicks photo