Students undergo final Belt Grading at Borderland Judo

Borderland Judo did its final belt grading for the season on Thursday May 2nd.

Emery Heyens and Theo Faragher to orange belt. Sawyer Lance, Rosina Woodgate, Rylan Steele, Paxten Hughes, and Koen Tucker to green belt. Liam Wood, Khloe Laur, and Pobp Murrell to blue stripe belt.

The belt colours in judo are as follows: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black. The requirements for each belt level are standardized in Canada by Judo Canada and around the world by the IJF (International Judo Federation) so a green belt here is also a green belt in any other country.

A judoka can usually advance a belt a year if they’ve been attending regularly, work hard at practice, know the terminology in Japanese, and can perform the required techniques for that level. That is up until green belt, then it can take a couple of years to get to blue and another two or more years to get to brown. Junior judokas can be awarded a belt with a stripe of the colour of the next belt that they’re working towards to show that they’re making progress. Getting a black belt takes a long time and involves tournament points, coaching points, katas, knowledge of every one of the techniques, and appearing before a grading committee. There are 10 degrees of black belt and only 3 people in the world have made it to the 10th degree.