Potato planting

Above, Lee Donaldson is driving Jeb, right side, and Jane, left side, to plant potatoes on his farm in Burriss while Len Stafford rides along. Justin Donaldson mans the potato planter to ensure the potatoes drop in the proper slots for even planting. The 100+ year old potato planter was restored by Lee and Donny Manty a few years ago and has been in the family since it was purchased second hand over a century ago. Left, the potatoes are placed in the bin where they are scooped up by metal cups and dropped into the tray, which rotates and drops the potatoes. The discs below cover and hill the potatoes. A potato in every other slot provides the correct spacing and the passenger on the planter watches to add or remove any potatoes that are out of place. The planter is ground driven so maintaining an even speed with the horses is important. – Submitted photos