Pet of the Week

We are excited to introduce Marble. Marble is about as gorgeous a calico cat as you will ever see with a rich tri-colour coat. Marble was the last unspayed female to be removed from the cat colony in Rainy River. We had an appointment scheduled for her to be spayed but she had a surprise for us. She didn’t look obviously pregnant but on March 18 she gave birth to three healthy kittens. Watch for them in a future “Pet of the Week”. Marble is a bit busy right now as her kittens will not be fully weaned until the end of May, but she is such a stunning cat, we thought we should let people know about her now.

Marble’s personality is still a bit of an unknown. She has been very gentle while nursing her kittens and has allowed her fosters to handle her, pet her (which she absolutely loves) and do whatever is necessary. However, when she is away from her kittens, she is quite skittish. She looks to be between one and two years old, so we don’t know how long she was on her own. She is quite comfortable in the house so we think she was a pet at one time, but we expect she will take quite some time to adapt and will require some patience in her forever home. We are making every effort to socialize her as much as possible and that will increase over the next few weeks as her kittens require less of her time. She deserves a home!! If interested in Marble, email us at or your can reach us through FB Messenger. Please everyone…..get your cats spayed or neutered.