Best for Kitty

Best for Kitty is excited to introduce Viola. Viola is a young, black domestic long-haired cat who was found as a stray. We cannot believe that this cat was left to fend for herself. She is a beauty with personality to match. Viola has a placid and tolerant disposition. She personifies “cats are liquid” when picked up and does not mind being picked up or moved. She is quick to make friends with adults (unknown about children or other pets but she is generally sweet and confident). She is Incredibly affectionate and will demand attention with meows and head bumps. She has perfect litter box habits and does not beg for human food.

Much of the information above comes from her foster Mom who also says that Viola “has the softest, silkiest fur I’ve ever felt on a cat.”

Just in case you were starting to think that Viola was the “purrfect” cat, she does have her own characteristics which may not be everyone. According to her foster Mom: “Viola goes on a meow parade several times a day with heavy vocalizing, but this may be due to anxiety (she has only been in care a few days) and the intensity is improving each day.”

We honestly cannot believe that this cat was left on her own. She was turned in to the bylaw enforcement officer in Atikokan and we were able to arrange to get her into our care. Someone else’s loss could be your gain if you choose to give Viola a forever home. She has not yet been vetted, but once that has taken place, she will be ready to make some individual or family very happy. If you would like more information about Viola, or would like to request an adoption application, you can contact Best for Kitty on FB Messenger or email