And the winner is…

Riverside Foundation for Health Care is excited to announce that the winner of the September Riverside 50/50 electronic raffle is Ethel Lowey of Fort Frances, ON with the winning ticket number V-8379842. Lowey takes home $12,055, with the same amount going to the Foundation. The draw was made Friday, September 30 at 11:00am in the Foundation Office.

Lowey, who has been supporting the raffle ever since she first heard about it, has luck on her side as she was also a recent recipient of an early bird draw in the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre Foundation 50/50. She stated that these are the only two raffle’s she supports as she knows the money is put to good use. As of right now, Lowey has no plans for her winnings.

Congratulations to Ethel Lowey, centre, who won the September Riverside Foundation 50/50. She’s joined by Chad Canfield, Ethel Lowey, Luc Romaniuk. – Submitted photo

To celebrate the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary, the September raffle had more ways to win with three $250 early bird draws. Sponsored by West End Motors, the winner of the September 9th early bird was Harvey Menagarie of Pinewood. Sponsored by Westland Insurance, the winner of the September 16th early bird was Brian Gillon of Fort Frances. And finally, the winner of the September 23rd early bird was Barb Duguay of Fort Frances.

Tickets for the October raffle are now available with the $500 early bird draw sponsors by West End Motors and Westland Insurance taking place on October 19th at 11:00am. Ticket sales for the jackpot close Sunday, October 30th at 9:00pm with the draw taking place on Halloween, Monday, October 31st at 11:00 am. Tickets are available now at or by calling the Foundation Office at 274-4803 to arrange for offline sales.

All proceeds from the monthly 50/50 raffles starting in April are being put towards the purchase of two space lab monitors that are to be used in the OR. These monitors which come at a price tag of $23,000 each, monitor patients’ pulse, blood pressure, respirations, cardiac rhythms and oxygen saturations. In addition, they monitor end-tidal CO2 when a patient is on a ventilator, arterial pressures when a patient has an arterial line in place and perform electrocardiograms which are necessary to diagnose heart attacks.

Thanks to ticket purchasers like yourself, enough funds have been raised to complete the spacelab monitors purchase. Stay tuned for an announcement soon on equipment that will be supported by the raffles moving forward.