Pet of the week – Tanger and Bootsie

Just look at those faces! These brothers are looking for new homes, after being abandoned in a box. They’d like to stay together, but Best for Kitty will consider separating them. To adopt these two, or any of the cats or kittens in care, e-mail

By Best for Kitty

As we begin our second year of operation, we want to take a moment to thank all those who have supported Best for Kitty. Whether you have donated financially, given such items as food or litter, adopted one of our cats or kittens, or just spread the word about our organization, we appreciate your ongoing support. The stray and abandoned cat problem in the Rainy River District is serious, and while we may not eradicate it, we are doing our best to save those that can be socialized and are suitable to be placed into homes. A very special thanks to our fosters, because without those dedicated people willing to provide care and love to an animal they know little or nothing about, we would not be able to continue. Thanks to them, we have provided new beginning for close to 80 cats or kittens in our first year.

Today’s Pet (Pets) of the Week are examples of why the problem exists. Tanger and Bootsie were found IN A BOX DUMPED AT THE END OF SOMEONE’S DRIVEWAY. No living creature should be treated so cruelly. Chances are it was a pet owner who did not get their female cat spayed. Remember…if you can’t afford the spay/neuter surgery, you can’t really afford a cat. It is not fair to you, the animal, your neighbours, or your community.

Fortunately Tanger and Bootsie (who we believe are both males) seem none the worse after surviving this harrowing experience. These appx. 3-4 month old kittens have proven to be a joy in their foster home. Their foster Mom says they are super playful with each other, and love to run from one end of her house to the other. They are also very affectionate cuddle bugs and love human contact. We suspect that they struggled for food in their young lives as they are very food motivated. Their foster Mom has two large dogs, and they are not at all shy around them. We would love to see these two go together as we don’t think they have ever been apart, but we will consider separate adoptions. They seem to be resilient, outgoing kittens who would adapt to almost any environment. Tanger (orange and while) is very much the leader but that does not mean that Bootsie (black and white) is shy. They are both VERY outgoing. If you are interested in either of these two, or ideally both, contact us on FB Messenger or email.