Pesticide safety courses offered

In Ontario, pesticides are classified into six schedules.
The Ministry of the Environment (MoE) takes a careful look at every pesticide before it is sold in Ontario and puts each one into one of the six schedules, depending on how dangerous the product is.
Schedule 1, 2, and 5 products are the most dangerous. You must have an exterminator licence or a grower pesticide safety course certificate before you can buy or use them.
Schedule 3, 4, and 6 products have the least risk. But no matter which schedule of pesticide you apply, the use must be on the label and you must apply it according to label directions.
If you are a farmer, and you want to buy and apply Schedule 1, 2, or 5 pesticides on your farm, you must:
•hire a licensed exterminator; or
•be a licensed exterminator; or
•be certified through the grower pesticide safety course.
(Important: the land you farm must be classified as farm land property under the Ontario Assessment Act).
The grower pesticide safety course is a one-day course which includes an open book exam. Once you pass the exam with 75 percent or more, you receive a certificate that is valid for five years.
Do you want to apply pesticides to property that you don’t own, rent, or lease? Then you must be a licensed exterminator.
There are 12 categories of exterminator licences, and there are different licence categories for different types of work. For example, you may want to do landscape work, residential pest control, or custom agricultural spraying.
Each of these types of work requires a different exterminator licence category.
You can train for your exterminator licence certification at home, through a home study course. When you have learned the information, you write a certification exam.
The exam is in two parts: one part is closed book and one part is open book. There also is a fee for your home study books and exam.
Once you have a mark of 75 percent on both parts of your exam, you will receive certification.
You send proof of your certification and a fee to the MoE in Toronto, and it will send you your exterminator licence, which is good for five years.
If you want to operate your own pest control business, you also need an operator licence.
There is no course or exam for an operator licence, but you must have an exterminator licence and proof of third-party liability insurance.
For information about exterminator licences, call 1-888-620-9999. For more on the grower pesticide safety course, call 1-800-652-8573.
To learn more about pesticide regulations, call the MoE at 1-888-367-7622.
Dates to remember
•Feb. 5-6—Large animal clinic dates for Dr. Dan Matyasovszky (call 1-807-475-3837 to book an appointment); and
•Feb. 14–Grower pesticide safety course (call 1-800-652-8573 to register).

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