One more shot

Dear editor:
Well, Fort Frances residents, there is very little time left to make your vote count in the council byelection. I am only hoping that you are reading this.
I keep noticing that Mr. Hamilton claims he will make a difference. “I stand ready, willing and able to make the commitment, and to act in the best interests of our community and its citizens.”
Yeah right, who does he think he is fooling?
Mr. Treftlin stated that we had to hold a byelection because more than one person filed nomination papers. Mr. Hamilton should never have entered for this seat.
It is common knowledge that Mr. Hamilton sat on council and voted to give the late councillor Gilson’s seat by succession to John Albanese. He should have had respect and integrity, and withdrawn his name.
I hope that all citizens look at this byelection with both eyes wide open. I personally will not vote for someone who looks me in the face and says, so we have to hold this byelection. I don’t care, I have a right.
But what about the rights of Ken Perry—the succession that belonged to Ken.
This byelection is costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars for no valid reason. Is this byelection going to follow suit with the U.S. election, where George Bush Jr. crawled under the door mat?
Let’s hope not, so get out there and vote.
Yours truly,
Ken Grynol
Fort Frances, Ont.