O.L.W. saluted for charitable efforts

Sam Odrowski

Good deeds didn’t go unnoticed at the Northwest Catholic District School Board’s meeting held last Tuesday night.
Our Lady of the Way School was awarded the board’s monthly Recognition of Excellence for its charitable efforts during Lent.
School staff worked with students every day after class to turn pillowcases into dresses.
This year, O.L.W. was able to make 50 dresses, which will be donated to the “Little Dresses for Africa” organization.
The charity’s mission is to empower young girls and provide relief to children throughout the continent.
“They bring these dresses specifically to the girls to send the message that girls are worthy,” noted O.L.W. principal Lisa George.
“When they go into these communities, it’s not just about the dresses,” she noted.
“They also work to promote clean water, sanitation, and education.”
George was extremely pleased with the students’ enthusiasm for the project.
“[The students] have been asked to do this every day during Lent at the end of the day and they actually look forward to it,” she remarked.
“They really are happy knowing they are helping other people,” she enthused.
Students from kindergarten to Grade 6 all played a part in making these dresses.
Some cut out patterns while others helped to sew the dresses together on a sewing machine.
George said the children have been working diligently–without complaint–throughout Lent to help others who are less fortunate.
She not only was proud of the passion shown by students but the teachers, as well.
“I’m a new principal to the school and I am amazed every day by the enthusiasm these teachers have,” George lauded.
“They go above and beyond with these students,” she noted.
“It’s a really good feeling to know I work with a great team.”
Our Lady of the Way embarks on a charitable initiative each Lent and has plans to run a similar project next year.