NORA getting back on schedule

After a break in service from Dec. 24-Jan. 2, the Northwest Ontario Recycle Association is getting back on track with local pickups, said Pat Hickerson, the town’s manager of operations and facilities.
“They’ve been working to get caught up on the pickups,” he noted Friday afternoon after getting an update from Buttner Enterprises, the local transport service for recycling pickup.
“As of [Friday], they’ve gotten what would normally be the Monday pickup done. They had to haul eight truckloads where it’s normally two.
“Tuesday’s route is about half-done, and should be done by tomorrow [Saturday]. And Wednesday’s pickups should be done by Monday,” Hickerson added.
Cindy Buttner of Buttner Enterprises noted commercial pickups haven’t been done since the holiday break but that schedule should be back to normal very soon.
“By Wednesday, we should have Fort Frances cleaned up and then we’ll move on to Atikokan,” she said this morning.
Buttner noted that since they’ve been catching up on the pickups, the trucks had been working into the night—making triple the number of trips to the Dryden plant than they normally do.
Hickerson advised residents to keep putting out their “blue boxes” when they usually do now that the schedule is back to normal.
“However, you should not put them out on the street or in front of snowbanks, like I’ve seen some people do,” he noted. “They can be a danger to snowplows, which do have blindspots.
“Put them on top of snowbanks or at the end of your driveways,” he stressed.
Hickerson also said despite many complaints fielded by the public, the town did advertise about NORA’s break in service and, along with Buttner Enterprises, can’t be held to blame.
“It was a decision made by NORA,” he noted. “The plant was closed in Dryden so we wouldn’t have anywhere to put the recyclables even if we did do the pickup.”

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