No real reasons not to smile

I chuckled to myself as I looked at the pictures on my son’s Facebook page from a year ago.
He had taken pictures of the dump of snow in our driveway during the Christmas break. He stands more than six feet tall and the snowbank was above his head.
I contrast that with this year, where there’s hardly any snow on the ground and south-facing roofs are free of snow. We are having perhaps the mildest winter to date on record and our community has broken several records.
Everyone continues to remind me that “We’ll pay for this nice January weather.” But the jet stream continues to float high above the region, bringing in the mild weather.
Walking down Scott Street at noon on Monday, there was a skip in every step and a smile on every face. Weather makes such a difference in one’s attitude. There was a song in everyone’s voice as this warm weather has lifted everyone’s spirits.
This warm weather feels like March, and many of those strollers on Scott Street were wearing their fall jackets or lightweight spring ones.
I’m not an ice fisherman. Perhaps it’s because the two times I can remember going fishing with my father, our car became stuck and we really didn’t fish at all.
Of course back then, everyone used their vehicle as a block from the wind and you sat on some sort of a wood box and jigged your line.
I can’t ever remember catching any fish.
The ice-fishing season has gotten underway across the region and trophy catches are being recorded.
This year the ice fishermen are all smiles, too. Catching has never been better and the mild weather has made fishing much more enjoyable.
Large walleye, northern, and trout have made their way to the surface for photo shoots, then released back down the holes they came up through.
The weather has been so nice that when the temperature hit eight degrees C, a lot of the fishermen left their shelters behind. It was March fishing.
I spoke with my friend, Phil Bangert, yesterday and he had been fishing successfully Monday on Lake of the Ozarks. The spotted bass have been lively and he had a good catch that day.
The temperature there yesterday was 10 degrees C.
Bryan Gustafson, meanwhile, has towed his boat to Florida to try his hand at competitive fishing at Lake Okeechobee. His Facebook photo shows him with an and eight-pound and a seven-pound largemouth.
I would say that was a successful day of practising.
Jeff Gustafson of Kenora soon will follow with his boat to the southern states.
The new fishing catalogues have arrived while the new electronics are on store shelves. And winter might end in just over two months.
Is there any reason not to smile and be optimistic?

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