Nice to meet you

I’ve been west, I’ve been east. Now it’s time to find some middle ground.
From my Alberta upbringing, to a spontaneous flight of fancy to the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador, to last week’s long and winding road to Fort Frances, I’ve come to understand some basic truths.
The first thing is that the journalist’s existence is a nomadic one. It’s a good thing I enjoy travelling, because I’ve covered plenty of kilometres to get to this point in my still-fledgling career.
The second is that life is too short not to cram all the new adventures and experiences you can into it.
Many people thought me slightly deranged to leave the strong economic foundation of Alberta for the financially-troubled atmosphere of the East Coast.
Sure, it was a risk, and one that didn’t end up doing my bank balance any favours. But money aside, it was an odyssey that paid off in many different ways.
From polishing my skills at a twice-weekly publication to amassing a wealth of good-hearted new friends, I have little regret about my 14-month stay on “The Rock.”
More acquaintances of mine question the wisdom of moving from Grand Falls-Windsor, a town of roughly 16,000, to one half its size in Fort Frances.
But every book needs new pages written for it, and I’m excited about the chance this community is giving me to script another chapter in my life story.
The charm of Fort Frances already has made itself known to me in the few days I’ve been here. From people providing helpful directions to the friendly customer service people in different stores I’ve been in, I’m feeling more at home by the minute.
I look forward to serving this area with the best coverage I can possibly provide, with a focus on promoting as many different sports in as many different age levels as I can.
I’ll hopefully be on track with the athletics scene in the region in no time. But until then, and even afterwards, I’ll need your help.
Let me know in advance about your upcoming sporting events. Keep me up to date with scoresheets and other statistical information. Clue me in on any interesting story ideas you might have.
And by all means, don’t hesitate to give me feedback—positive or negative—on how I’m doing. In this business, if you’re going to take the roses, you have to take thorns, too.
Thanks for inviting me into your homes. I’ll make sure I wipe my shoes off at the door.

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