New walking trail being eyed


A north-end resident is asking the town for permission to add a new, longer walking trail among the Eighth Street trails.
In a letter received by council at its regular meeting Monday night, Christine Kent said she lives near the trails and walks them nearly every day in the fall and winter.
“As I like to walk with my dog on the trails, I do not use the ski trails but only the walking trails once they are groomed for the winter,” she noted.
“I am requesting permission to cut a new, longer walking trail within the next year,” Kent wrote.
“I propose to snowshoe and mark the proposed trail with a hand-held GPS and flagging tape this winter, if possible.
“[Then] in the spring and summer, I would cut the new trail using shears for the most part,” she added.
Kent said all attempts would be made to avoid cutting merchantable timber by weaving the trail through areas of smaller brush.
However, she conceded some trees may need to be cut.
Preferably, the trail would be about three km long and start and end at current walking trails–adding an additional loop that circles around the ski trails and ends back on the current walking trail, Kent explained.
“If possible, a shortcut back to the walking trail may be cut so people do not have to walk the full loop,” she noted.
Kent hopes to partner with the Stewardship Youth Rangers this summer and use their help in clearing the trail.
“I will submit a proposal to the Stewardship Youth Rangers program. But if they do not have the time or opportunity to help, I will finish clearing the trail myself,” she pledged.
Council referred Kent’s request to the Planning and Development executive committee for its recommendation, with additional input provided by the Community Services executive committee.