New rule: no gifts that need assembly

I certainly can’t remember too many Christmases were you could wear a light jacket and then a rain jacket on Boxing Day.
It was a nice to see the snow for Christmas, but it certainly didn’t last too long.
Alas, the mild weather played havoc with the beautiful ice candles we had lined up around the Emo Cemetery. I had a few ice candles around Karma’s grave and they shrunk drastically.
Still, the cemetery looked absolutely beautiful as we drove away on Christmas Eve. Thanks once again to those who made this happen.
We spent Christmas Eve with my boyfriend/partner’s family. It was a great time and the rancher twins arrived from Alberta full of lots of fun stories and maybe tattling about a few Christmas gifts.
We planned to stay home on Christmas Day and we were thinking it would be pretty relaxing! Unfortunately, a couple of the gifts my parents received needed some assembly (emphasis on “some”).
Well, we assembled and re-assemble one three times. For the second gift; I begged my brother to stay and help assemble. He did and they turned out great—other than the hours it took to get them in working order!
We decided next year no gifts that need to be assembled (at least I’m lucky that I can sneak off and feed the cows when I had enough of the assembly!)
I was thinking I should have fed the cows a bit extra so that I didn’t have to feed them on Christmas Day, but it actually worked out better this way—I was able to get away for bit of quiet time.
Maddie and Marlee, meanwhile, were very pleased with all their gifts and just couldn’t believe that Santa knew everything that they wanted!
Marlee also was pleased that “Justin Beaver” was singing on the ’puter and all he wanted for Christmas was HER! She was thrilled.
• • •
Prior to Christmas, we gathered for our annual Seafood Night at our good friends north of Emo. The seafood was wonderful and the company was even better.
?I heard some disheartening news that evening, however, that someone in Emo ran off with the Salvation Army Christmas kettle as well as some prepared gift baskets at Cloverleaf Grocery.
We couldn’t believe that would happen in Emo! This is a very difficult time of the year for many people, but this is a sad event.
• • •
I’m still expecting a fair bit of company over the next week and am looking forward to my visits with many of my friends that I don’t get to spend much time with throughout the year.
Sadly, most of them live pretty close but I still don’t get to see them.
It sounds like my girlfriend’s kids are coming out this week to tie up their 4-H steers, as well! In some ways I think that it is nice that the kids have Christmas behind them and still have two weeks off!
• • •
I was happy to hear that our friend, Glenn, from Stratton is making his way back to Fort Frances after suffering a heart attack and having surgery in Thunder Bay.
Wishing you the best, Glenn. Rest up and get better!
• • •
In closing, I wish everyone a very happy, healthy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2012 is a great year for everyone!

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