New column aims to highlight our community

“Let me show you my town.”
This is the title of column space set aside in another community newspaper to let readers tell stories about things that make them proud of the community they live in.
That week’s story was about a lady who used her garden to grow flowers and then delivered wonderful bouquets to elderly shut-ins. The garden had started near her retirement and has grown over the decade.
She shares her passion of the flowers.
The guest columnist that week was so proud of that woman that she took the time to write the story and explained how that person was making a difference to many others.
The column spoke to the kindnesses that we see and hear about in our community, but are only shared on a private basis. Yet those kindnesses help tell the story of who we are and why living in our community is so wonderful.
I would like to start a similar column in our Daily Bulletin each Thursday. The column, “Let me show you my town,” will be dependent on the community to write those stories or provide us with photographs of things and places they find especially wonderful in and about Fort Frances and Rainy River District.
Looking back at the archives of that paper, they had contributions about a cabbie, a particular building with fond memories, efforts to help families with critical illnesses, and much more.
They had a column from a woman who talked about the enjoyment of her library, and another about the enjoyment she experienced in going to her local hairdresser.
The amazing thing about those stories was, in most cases, they were written in the first person by people who had received some act of kindness or were affected by that act of kindness.
Those stories help tell others why this is a good community to come to, to raise families, and grow roots. It tells of those wonderful experiences that people might expect to enjoy in their lifetimes.
I look forward to seeing those stories and publishing them in the newspaper.

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