In the Shop with 3D Racing

By Darren Derendorf

Over the last few weeks of racing a couple other Street Stock drivers have offered some of their good used tires to us since they noticed we are racing on a discontinued model of Hoosier tire. We had initially said we were ok because when both Doug and I bought our cars we received a small stash of parts including roughly 30 tires, but after the last couple of race seasons our pile had dwindled more than I anticipated. So thank you to Dean Kellar, driver of the #54 Emo Street Stock, who was willing to hand over 8 used tires, free of charge. My next stop was to one of our sponsors this year for some help with the cars, Lakewood Tire who was able to mount and install tubes in a few “new” tires for the team. With all 6 nights of racing left on Doug’s schedule and 3 left on mine we will be able to put the tires to good use. However as we look to prepare for the 2023 season we will have to look at investing in a couple sets of new and current model tires because with 2 cars running consistently from week to week, it is now time to focus on set up and handling and there is no better way to improve handling than with a new set of tires.

I would just like to thank all of our sponsors this year for all of their help. Whether they are fuelling the drivers like the Batter and Cream Baking Co. or helping with the larger mechanical jobs like Jay’s Auto or even Solutions Bookkeeping who looks after us at the scariest time of the year, tax time, we wouldn’t be able to go out and race every weekend without your help.