EDBMHA holds year end awards banquet

By Robin McCormick
West End Correspondent

The Emo Devlin Barwick Minor Hockey Association (EDBMHA) held its year end banquet Saturday April 1. A huge thank you was expressed to all players, coaches, volunteers and everyone involved with making for another successful hockey season.

This years awards were presented as follows:

U9 (teams white, green and black)

Tony Bliss award (most improved)
Tyson Strachan (green)
Norah Ogden (white)
Quinn Mishibinijina (black)

Most dedicated
Ethan Esselink (green)
Brock Visser (white)
Kinley Gross(black)

Hayden Smith (green)
Hudson Sequin (white)
Amelia Krukoski (black)

Most Improved
Liam Sandelovich (green)
Kane Smith (white)
Ely Kelly (black)

U11 mixed and U11 girls

Doug Wilson Award (sportsmanship and dedicated)
Sam Esselink
Eva Mosbeck

Most dedicated
Wyatt Hayes
Scarlett Asplund

Most improved
Mason Smith
Quinn Veldhuisen

Most sportsman like
Charlie Pelletier
Morgan Teeple

U13 division (teams white, green and black)

Jordy Goodfellow (white)
Jaxon Veldhuisen (green)
Landon Teeple (black)

Most dedicated
Isabella Foster (white)
Mayelle Greenier (green)
Leah Teeple (black)

Most improved
Reece Wiersema (white)
Kailyn Strachan (green)
Brynlee Libiak (green)

U15 division teams (black and green)

Bob Steele (most versatile)
Parker Wiersema (green)
Landon Flinders ( black)

Most dedicated
Malcom Martin (green)
Darius Smith (black)

Most improved
Orrin McCormick (green)
Kai Sorlie (black)

Most sportsman like
Laila Degrechie (green)
Conner Barron (black)

Tammy Strachan volunteer of the year award
Hope Mosbeck