My heifers are off to Russia

I had a crazy week of organizing the sale of five of my purebred Hereford heifers.
They left Sunday for Russia (yes, Russia) before heading to Kazakhstan.
They will be quarantined near Toronto for 30 days, then they will fly from there (the plane holds nearly 200 head).
We met the truck in Kenora and unloaded at a load check. Along with my five, Aaron Kuorkoski sent one heifer (these are heifer calves that were born this spring).
Last year, Kim Cornell sent some bred heifers.
The hardest part for me was that Maddie and Marlee already had claimed two of my purebreds. Marlee was ticked the first time I mentioned selling these heifers, so she and I ended up in a long discussion about why we have to sell cattle and how this was a really neat opportunity for us.
She was just pleased that we still had heifers at home and that we hadn’t sold all of them.
So, like I’ve said before, I don’t sell cattle well but I was feeling O.K. that the cattle had started their journey and the transfer had gone well.
But then I got a dreaded text from my mom that Karma (my dog) wasn’t feeling well when she had went to check on her—and my guts started aching all over again.
So upon arriving home, I checked Karma over thoroughly and her back leg was giving her trouble. Luckily, my vet cousin was home so I tracked her down for an exam.
I feared Karma’s hip was out but Stacey assured me it wasn’t. Still, she said Karma needed to be seen by her home vet and likely have an X-ray.
After a night of little sleep (Karma slept all right, though), we were off to the vet. I bawled most of the way there thinking that Karma, who just turned 13 a few weeks ago, might not be able to come home.
Thankfully, the vet staff welcomed me without an appointment and Karma’s X-ray revealed nothing. They are thinking that she might be battling Lyme Disease (something that we had fought off earlier this year).
Karma will be on strong antibiotics for a month, but I’m hoping she still will be able to be my best friend for a while yet.
• • •
I would like to wish my vet cousin a very happy birthday, as well as our friend at Tompkins and Rainy River Meats, Debbie.
Poor Debbie! I was arranging a fondue party to celebrate her birthday but my animals were causing me grief and we had to postpone our night.
• • •
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association is planning its annual meeting for next Wednesday (Nov. 23) at 7:30 p.m. at the Emo Inn.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
I’m supposed to have my data ready to present that night but I’ll tell you it is going to be tough to have it all down and organized!

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