Moving day for my cows

Monday was the day I decided to move my cows into the winter yard.
I’m about three weeks from calving, but I also get nervous at this time thinking that someone could decide to calve early.
Of course, since I have a few friends who are getting calves, and have heard they’ve had a few early ones, it makes me think about it that much more.
Last week’s cold also made me nervous­—and you certainly can’t be with them all the time!
Fortunately, the cows are pretty easy to move around at this time of the year since they only are worrying about eating. And with no calves at their side, they co-operate much better.
I did have a couple of instances of frozen water this past week, both at the water bowl that gives me the least troubles. But things are all fixed up again and I hope that’s the last of that problem.
Certainly the fresh snow will help with some insulation.
The well that is on my farm is a flow, but since we are so dry and the water table is so low, it is not flowing right now. It’s still right to the top of the casing, but it isn’t flowing.
• • •
My girlfriend’s two kids have their 4-H steers at my place for the winter and we did another quick session with them.
The steers are doing quite well, and I think that male cattle are easier to train than female ones.
Could it be those female hormones?
• • •
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association had a very successful annual meeting last Thursday in Stratton and we welcome our two new board members, Joe Sletmoen and Clayton Teeple.
We also are very pleased to have three young farmers heading to Toronto to represent Rainy River District at the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association’s annual meeting in Joe Sletmoen, Laura Pogmore, and Delton Martin.
We enjoyed Rick Hobbs and his information on his own personal farming experience. Rick and his family are farming within the city limits of Ottawa and recently have started an on-farm store.
We also showed Rick around our great district as much as we could in our short bit of time.
Rick then headed to speak to the Dryden cattle producers. I was invited to go and speak, as well, but decided that I best stay home and look after “Roxee” since she still doesn’t sleep all that long at night.
She has improved, but I don’t think it’s fair to ask someone to look after her at this point.
• • •
Unfortunately, Clayton Teeple is stepping down as our sales barn manager but is more than willing to help our new person be successful.
The RRCA is looking for résumés for this position and hopes to make a decision on which person this will be at our February board meeting.
The cattle sale dates for 2012 are April 21, Aug. 25, Sept. 29, and Oct. 27.
• • •
Again, just a quick reminder that you need to contact me to order our “Rainy River Raised” tags.
• • •
The Rainy River District 4-H Leaders’ Association will be hosting its annual meeting on Friday, Feb. 3. If you are attending, or would like to attend, please let president Murray McDonald know.
We always are looking for volunteers and the 4-H program is excellent for those aged nine-21.
• • •
Our agricultural community was extremely saddened to hear the news of the sudden death of Dr. Jon Fistler last Thursday.
Dr. Jon worked very hard to move and organize the chance to practise medicine here. The farming community was happy to welcome him and excited to work with him.
We certainly would like to express our deepest sympathy to his family and friends, and hope they find some comfort in knowing he had made some sincere friendships in his short time here in our district.

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