Most everything seeded at station

There was more beautiful weather in Rainy River District last week and we have pretty much everything seeded here at the agricultural research station just west of Emo.
It’s been many a year that seeding has extended into June!
We are waiting on a couple of Manitoba oat varieties but other than that, our plots are full. What turned out to be such a late spring has completely shocked me.
I’m thinking that our alfalfa likely will be ready to cut in a couple of weeks, though not the first week of June which is sometimes the case.
I really noticed the alfalfa with turned leaves last week on our frosty mornings. But our other more sensitive plants (like soybeans) have not germinated, so the frost didn’t bother them.
• • •
The 4-H beef clubs officially have started now and along with that, the members are selling tickets on one of the 4-H steers.
Tickets cost $2 each or three for $5 for a chance to win half a steer!
This is a great way for the members to have another buyer for one of the steers, and it’s a great way for you to have a chance to enjoy some excellent Rainy River-raised beef!
• • •
The Emo Walleye Classic enjoyed another successful year last weekend despite the fact the weather wasn’t the greatest (then again, it certainly could have been worse!)
Our 4-H prime rib supper also was a success, and we thank you for attending. We sure appreciate all the compliments on the supper.
I also would like to thank Susan for cooking and preparing the meal, and the 4-H members, volunteers, parents, and grandparents for coming and helping serve it.
It is an important fundraiser for us, and Rainy River District 4-H is lucky to be in a community that allows us to make some money for our events and memberships.
• • •
I have some very happy cows now! We finally had the time to sort and needle calves, and get them off to pasture. It was a long day of fencing and organizing, but we finally finished it.
It seemed they knew it was time as they all were standing at the gates waiting for me to do something.
I actually could have used another bull, and split up another group, but that wasn’t possible this year.
I had been planning to hold a cow/calf back for the visit by the nursery school but we got so busy that I forgot to do this. They’ll have to look at a few of our steers instead this time around.
I certainly won’t miss feeding cows (it seems we spend so much time doing that!) Now it will be a quick visit to make sure everyone is doing okay.
Fewer chores for a while and then haying will begin!
• • •
Maddie is celebrating her fifth birthday! Once we finished with the cattle, we rushed up to her birthday supper.
Of course we were late (cows seem to always have you running late) but Maddie was pleased with her new pet, as well: a beta fish.
Kids certainly do grow up fast so that is why we are trying to enjoy Maddie and Marlee every chance we get!
• • •
Just a reminder that we hope you can join us this Saturday (June 4) for our work bee/fun day at the Stratton sales barn!
There’s lots of little jobs that we need to finish, and lunch will be awesome!

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