March definitely went out like lion

It seemed that March wanted to go out like a lion with that miserable dump of snow we saw at the end of last week.
The barnyard had been decent up until that point but now it’s a sloppy mess.
For me it’s the worst time of the year to have cattle. I realize it could be a lot messier, but this is plenty enough for me. Your boots are not tall enough and they don’t always stay with your next step, leaving you dangling and hoping you can pull your boot out quickly.
I’m hoping to be able to vaccinate my cows in the next week, so if I’m lucky the weather will stay decent and it might not be such a dirty job.
Since I moved my cows out of the winter yard, the biggest challenge will be getting them to come back up to the barnyard and in the corral (I’m certain it will take more than one try).
I think it will be a great job for the Easter weekend, though I’m not sure if any of my help agrees.
• • •
I often get teased about my organizational skills. I am quite anal about most things—and I keep my farm books and paperwork neat and tidy and caught up.
Alas, my boyfriend/partner has yet to pick up these skills from me. I was working on his income tax over the past week and it takes me longer to sort out and unroll his many bills for the trapline than it does to do the taxes.
I’m going to keep working on him, though, as I believe everyone has it in them!
Thankfully, I unrolled and sorted the bills and completed the income tax—and we can work on the skills for the upcoming year.
• • •
The sheep have been moved into the barn now and we should be getting some lambs in the near future.
“Roxee” does not like having the sheep in the barn since they are much more noisy than cattle, so she waits patiently outside the barn door.
I’m sure this will soon pass, though.
• • •
My vet cousin’s little boy celebrated his second birthday with us. He (Callen) really likes sheep, so he might be my next little sheep farmer.
I am excited for him to see the little lambs since he was too little to remember them from last year.
• • •
Roxee’s doghouse is complete and in place. We still have to build the kennel around it, but her house looks like a playhouse and she proudly showed it off to one of her dog friends, “Maggie,” over the weekend.
She is a lucky little Lab.
• • •
We celebrated Eric and Alisha’s wedding over the weekend. The newlyweds brought along a slide show from their big day to share with their Rainy River District friends.
We wish them all the best, and likely will welcome their company again since they are planning to settle in rural Manitoba.
• • •
I have opened up the agricultural research station in Emo for the 2012 season, although it takes a few days of dusting and de-mousing the place before I feel like I am ready.
It is hard to organize yourself to get chores done before and after work for the first week or so, but I will make it work.
• • •
A happy 65th birthday to my Daddy on April 3!

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