Lots of work ahead at ag station

The Emo Agricultural Research Station is officially open for the 2012 season.
I’ve been working on files, trial plans, and organizing, with seed to be arriving shortly.
Often when I get back to work at EARS, there is still snow on the ground. So I feel like I am behind but it is still early yet. I am shocked how quickly it is drying up but we certainly need some heat.
The Miscanthus trial will need to be harvested A.S.A.P. and I once again will be re-united with my hedge trimmer. I’m hoping to start to tackle this job later this week, though it will be slow going with no students.
The other thing is if I’m out harvesting, seeds won’t be getting weighed and ready to go. It seems this is such an overwhelming month, yet we always seem to manage to get things done.
• • •
“JC” (Maddie’s hairless sheep) decided to lamb earlier last week. She was having troubles and I checked her out, and it seemed that she hadn’t opened up enough to deliver.
Finally when I got a hold of some feet, it seemed as though it was backwards. I called for assistance. Turns out, the lamb was upside down and with a head back.
In the end, we had two dead lambs and “JC” ended up passing away a couple of days later. Maddie certainly is having some bad luck with her sheep.
On the bright side, “Salt,” her girl twin from last year, greeted us with twins Thursday night. It was perfect timing–“JC” had died and the girls were coming out for a couple of sleep overs.
“Max” and “Ruby” have been getting lots of loving, and they certainly made a sad week seem much better.
“Salt” is a great momma and is very protective of her babies from “Roxee,” who is enjoying teasing and trying to get a closer look at those little lambs. I think in Roxee’s eyes the little happy, bouncy lambs sure look like a lot of fun!
Now we are waiting for Marlee’s ewes to lamb (“Clover” and “Pokee”).
• • •
Take a few minutes to check out www.cornellfarms.ca and see the great selection of Hereford and Red Angus bulls for sale.
My friend, Big Joe, and I spent some time over the winter at the Cornells halter breaking and clipping some bulls. Not only are there pictures of each bull, there also is a YouTube video.
The bulls had a great winter, and it is worth your time to visit the site and bulls.
The nice part is Kim gladly will show you dams and sires of these bulls, and you can see the great genetics these bulls are from.
• • •
We had to do an early Easter egg hunt at my house since the girls had to go home for the real deal. It is absolutely priceless to see their excitement in finding the treats we had left for them.
Maddie was questioning how I knew each location.
They also were really anxious to do some shed hunting in hopes of finding something for “Daddy’s birthday.”
On Friday, we spent most of the day vaccinating our cows and yearlings, so we did a quick hunt that evening. And then on Saturday, the weather was too miserable so we had to compromise and make something for Daddy.
We sure had some good laughs. Mar’s jeans were falling down and Maddie was telling her “you’ve got Kenny Fisher pants, Mar”–priceless!
• • •
Just a reminder the spring cattle sale goes Saturday, April 21.
If you have any questions, call Philip Krahn at 852-4384 or 1-218-434-0870 (cell).

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