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RRWT and RRBB Lions forging ahead


While this COVID19 and social distancing has certainly thrown a monkey wrench into the works the RRWT and the RRBB Lions Club are not throwing in the towel. We are five months away from the scheduled date of the Rainy River Walleye Tournament, Sept 17-19, 2020 and although border travel restrictions are making in person registration for the RRWT difficult for out of Ontario participants, there are alternatives.

Submission of entry fees originally due April 1, 2020 has been pushed back to June 1. Those not wishing or able to travel to Rainy River by then can simply send a cheque to RRWT, Box 520, Rainy River, ON. Your registration will be professionally and securely completed.

Social distancing guidelines by late September may require changes to the way the Tournament operates, but RRWT is prepared to make necessary changes. After all two fishermen in a boat on the Rainy River is 'social distancing'.

The RRWT Pontoon Boat Raffle hosted by the Rainy River/ Baudette Border Lions Club is also forging ahead. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, AGCO, the regulator, of charitable raffles and lotteries have relaxed some of their regulations. The RRBB Lions were just into this year's event when the COVID19 pandemic hit. We were given a choice to cancel or delay the Pontoon Boat Raffle, but decided not to cancel. The Grand prize of a deluxe Princecraft Vectra 21 ft Pontoon Boat had already been ordered, built, and shipped. Cancellation would have involved substantial financial penalties of several thousand dollars. Licences, and Tickets had already been printed, delivered, and paid for by the Lions, a $1000.00 investment alone. So pushing forward seems the best course. This has completely changed the focus of how RRBB Lions market their tickets. Until social distancing guidelines change, there are no longer community events like Emo Spring Fever Days, the Emo Spring Walleye Tournament or the ability to set up ticket sales tables at local businesses. The FFC Bass Championship has also been cancelled and even the Emo Fair is in jeopardy. Time to look at the alternatives.

The RRWT Pontoon Boat Raffle is a considerable investment for the RRBB Lions. It provides the opportunity for the Lions to generate significant income. ALL the income generated by this raffle is plowed back into charitable projects in our communities. With the social and economic impact of the pandemic these Lions Club investments are going to be more critical than ever. Only 4000 Raffle Tickets will be sold so your odds of winning are great compared to 6/49

So how do we successfully sell these tickets? Ever heard of 'social media', Facebook, or E-transfers. How about Canada Post. They all work great without any danger of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Look on the RRWT Facebook page for details or send an email to or text 807-276-7580 to order your ticket. Sending the funds by an e-transfer via email from your online bank account is quick, safe, simple, and cheap. If you are over 50, and have grandkids you probably already know exactly how to do this. No? Call your bank and they will get you set up. All you need is a computer or a smart phone.

When the Lions receive your e-transfer, $20 per ticket, they will fill out your information on the ticket stub with its number and email or text you a picture of it. You are now securely entered. You can pick up the other half of the ticket if you want it, at the draw day. ALL TICKETS printed are kept for audit purposes. Your purchase is SECURE!

Still too complicated? Send us a cheque to RRBB Lions, Box 63, Rainy River, ON, P0W1L0, like above we will fill out the stub, email/text you a picture of your completed ticket stubs. And we will write your ticket number on the back of your deposited cheque. Either way you personally will have a secure record of your entry.

As social distancing eases we will again have tickets available for purchase from Club members, distributors, and through various businesses. Look for our posters.

The work the RRBB Lions do in our communities is vital. We can only do it with your continued support.

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