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Monsoon season brings misery to millions

    The monsoon season in Asia has wreaked havoc in Bangladesh and Pakistan, affecting three million people and leaving 300,000 people homeless.    The Canadian Red Cross has sent $75,000 to assist the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to provide emergency relief to that region.    “Many people who are already living below the poverty line have lost their homes, c

‘Ontario Smiles’ plan unveiled

    NDP leader Howard Hampton put working families first this week by announcing “Ontario Smiles,” the NDP’s Fair Dental Access Plan that would enhance dental care for kids and other Ontarians without dental coverage.    The NDP’s four-year plan would see Community Dental Health Teams provide check-ups, fillings, extractions, and emergency care to Ontarians who have been shut out by the high co

Tournament angler thrown from boat

    An angler competing in the “Castin’ for Cash” bass tournament was sent to La Verendrye Hospital here this morning after being ejected from his boat while fishing on Lake Despair.    The fisherman, Trevor Zimack of Thunder Bay, reportedly was thrown from his boat when it caught a wave the wrong way.    “When I got back in [from the lake], he had already gone to town,” said tournament organiz

Sneaky babies learn to lie before they learn to talk: study

 Babies aren’t as innocent as they look, according to new research out of the United Kingdom.    Sweet little infants actually learn to deceive before they can talk, says University of Portsmouth psychology department head Vasudevi Reddy in a study that challenges traditional notions of innocence while confirming many parents’ suspicions about their sneaky babies.    Most psychologists have bel

Health travel grant increased

 Northern Ontario residents who must travel more than 100 km for medical treatment will get some additional financial help, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced yesterday.    Starting immediately, the province is increasing the mileage rate from 34.25 cents to 41 cents per kilometre, less a 100-km deductible.    The government also will add an overnight accommodation allowance of up to $100 for ea

Two Riverside directors bid farewell

 Cecil Ogden and Emily Watson said good-bye to the Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc.’s board of directors on Thursday night during its annual meeting in Emo after completing three three-year terms on the board.    “It’s been a really great nine years,” noted Watson, adding it’s fitting for the pair to finish up their service in Emo because that’s where they were elected nine years ago.    

A hand up!

    How do you ensure the dollars you donate to foreign aid make it to the desperately needy?    Is it wasted on fundraising and bureaucracy, or skimmed off by a myriad of fingers along the way before it makes it to that struggling soul staring at you from the TV commercial?    Undoubtedly there are con artists out there, but there also are very real needs.    One way to be sure that donation y