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Four shot outside club

 Winnipeg’s night life nearly turned deadly early yesterday morning when a man shot and wounded four patrons outside a downtown nightclub at closing time.    Just before 3 a.m., a gunman on foot fired at least seven shots and hit three women and a man in front of Metro Nitelife hip-hop club.    Winnipeg has seen a spate of shootings recently—in the last 10 days, nine people have been shot, incl

Training gives your life order: Ring

    A local resident is praising boot camp for helping him to discover his full-potential and helping to shape his life into what he had hope for, but couldn’t necessarily achieve on his own.    James Ring, 22, enlisted in the Canadian Navy about a year ago. Once he got his clearance he was shipped out to their training facilities in St. Johns, for basic soldier training.

Seven decades in love

    For Nick and Mary Andrusco of Fort  Frances, humor and patience are two simple qualities they believe are crucial to a successful marriage.    And they should know.    Tomorrow (July 19th) the couple will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.    They met here 70 years ago, purely by chance. It’s a moment that Mary Andrusco remembers as if it was yesterday.

Johnson saluted for cancer work

    Well-known community volunteer and cancer activist Nadine Johnson recently received recognition for her extensive efforts towards the fight against cancer.    Johnson was nominated for the local employee recognition award by her fellow co-workers at the Fort Frances Jail, where she is a well respected cook.

Monsoon season brings misery to millions

    The monsoon season in Asia has wreaked havoc in Bangladesh and Pakistan, affecting three million people and leaving 300,000 people homeless.    The Canadian Red Cross has sent $75,000 to assist the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to provide emergency relief to that region.    “Many people who are already living below the poverty line have lost their homes, c

‘Ontario Smiles’ plan unveiled

    NDP leader Howard Hampton put working families first this week by announcing “Ontario Smiles,” the NDP’s Fair Dental Access Plan that would enhance dental care for kids and other Ontarians without dental coverage.    The NDP’s four-year plan would see Community Dental Health Teams provide check-ups, fillings, extractions, and emergency care to Ontarians who have been shut out by the high co