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Every Child Matters

Today marks Orange Shirt Day in Canada – a day when we recognize that Every Child Matters.

The national day grew from Phyllis Webstad's story of being forced to give up her new orange shirt she proudly wore to her first day of school at St. Joseph Mission residential school in Williams Lake, B.C. In the 1970s. Her shirt was confiscated by staff and never returned.

Taking school online

Although it hasn’t enjoyed the fanfare and photo-ops of a traditional school year, remote learning has quietly begun at kitchen tables across the region this week.

As with all new systems, there will be bumps and growing pains. An entirely new schooling system created in a matter of months is bound to be full of hiccups. But, it’s one of the silver linings of this pandemic.

Naming names

In today’s media climate, where we’re so conditioned to expect to know every detail of a story, our readers are sometimes curious why we choose to omit the names of the accused in police reports. 

Food for thought

With summer here, social media posts showing perfectly risen bread have given way blossoming gardens, busy bees and fresh produce. Whether it’s COVID-inspired worries, or an over abundance of time at home, our food supply is in sharp focus.

Happy Canada Day!

Canada is turning 153 years old tomorrow, but it’s never had a birthday bash like this before. This Canada Day won’t be like any other - no fireworks, or family events at the Point. It’s true it will look different, but all our favourite things will be there for us next year.

Welcome back

Passionate. Flexible. Self-motivated. Focussed.

These are just a few of the adjectives that describe the entrepreneurs in our District. But the one that seems the most accurate and timely right now is “risk-taking.”

A matter of record

Shocking images of police violence, protests and counter-protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death, at the hands of Minneapolis police, have left many Canadians shaken and appalled. We can soothe our nerves by calling it an American made problem. That Canada knows better. But statistics say otherwise.