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So many ways to give


The season of giving is upon us, and the spirit of generosity is more important than ever. COVID has caused job loss and hardship to many in our community, and charities and other organizations have worked hard to create a variety of opportunities to give back this holiday season.

Choose local

In the winter of 1998, my wife Shonna and I took a trip to Las Vegas.

It was the early days of the internet, so we booked through a travel agent, which is why we ended up at the Treasure Island hotel. A pirate ship battle in the lagoon multiple times every night? What’s not to love?

Every Child Matters

Today marks Orange Shirt Day in Canada – a day when we recognize that Every Child Matters.

The national day grew from Phyllis Webstad's story of being forced to give up her new orange shirt she proudly wore to her first day of school at St. Joseph Mission residential school in Williams Lake, B.C. In the 1970s. Her shirt was confiscated by staff and never returned.

Taking school online

Although it hasn’t enjoyed the fanfare and photo-ops of a traditional school year, remote learning has quietly begun at kitchen tables across the region this week.

As with all new systems, there will be bumps and growing pains. An entirely new schooling system created in a matter of months is bound to be full of hiccups. But, it’s one of the silver linings of this pandemic.