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Mann crowned Emo Fair queen

The district’s newest royalty were crowned Saturday afternoon, with Tammi Mann sitting at the head of the court.

Mann beat out fellow contestants Jackie Reid, Stacey Angus, Renée Desbiens, Kris Bragg, and Julia Leek to capture the 1997 Emo Fair queen pageant

Devlin woman meets sister after 35 years

It all began five years ago when Carol Booth of Devlin received a phone call from London, England.

She never expected it would be from her half-sister, Margaret Getty, whom she hadn’t seen in more than three decades.

Eventually, Getty decided to take a two-week vacation to Canada for her 40th birthday and celebrate it with a very special person—her older sister here.

Townships step closer to amalgamation

It’s looking like the Corporation of the Township of Lake of the Woods may be a New Year’s baby as McCrosson-Tovell and Morson move to amalgamate for Jan. 1.

In the process, the new township would annex a large part of the unincorporated area on Lake of the Woods in the present school board boundary.

That would happen next July 1.

District sits bone-dry

A severe lack of rain over most of the district for much of this summer has area farmers looking for water—both for their crops and for themselves.

Drought-like conditions have dried much of the countryside up like a bone, and rural residents are starting to feel its effects.

Area tourist lodge gets new owners, name

Running a tourist lodge is no longer just a dream for long-time area residents Bill Godin and Nellie Halvorsen, the new owners and operators of “Lake Despair Lodge” at the end of Highway 613 north of Devlin.

Formerly known as “Wickstrom’s Canadian Lodge,” a familiar area landmark for more than 40 years, it was re-opened by the couple last month after a year’s closure and neglect.

‘Pigging’ out in Mine Centre

In the Philippines, they’re called “lechon." Hawaiians call them "luaow.” But here in Canada, people have a much simpler name for them.

Pig roast.

And none of this cutting the porkers up so they’re small enough to fit in the oven. No, a true pig roast involves the whole pig—either on a spit or buried in hot coals.