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Boyer lands in Fort for retirement

Welcome aboard. Please fasten your seat belts. Flight attendants, prepare for take-off. We are experiencing heavy turbulence, please keep your seat belts fastened. In preparation for landing, please return seats to upright position. Thank you for choosing our airlines. We hope to see you again soon. These are all phrases frequently heard aboard airplanes.

Nipigon fire being held

The status of the Nipigon 45 fire has been changed to Being held. According to the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services

Northwest Fire Region, “Being held indicates that given the current resources assigned to a fire, enough suppression has occurred that the fire is not likely to spread beyond existing boundaries under present or forecasted conditions.”

Fort Frances, Rainy River, approved to apply for infrastructure funding


WINDSOR — The Ontario government is providing $30 million to municipalities through the Connecting Links Program for 2021-22 to build, repair or replace local roads and bridges. This investment will help create jobs and keep people and goods moving as the province continues to recover from COVID-19.