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Betty's staff adapted to COVID-19, but store not out of the woods yet

While most of Earth's inhabitants were locked inside their homes under quarantine, new talents were discovered. Many turned to cooking, crafting and working on puzzles to destress and pass the time with their families.

Betty's of Fort Frances was able to fuel all that creativity. They were able to continue delivering paint, crafts and puzzles to customers through online orders.

Monopoly maker Hasbro to cut plastic use in toy packaging

NEW YORK — Hasbro is giving plastic packaging the boot.

The toy maker said Tuesday that all its packaging for new products will be mostly plastic free by the end of 2022. It plans to stop using plastic bags, elastic bands and the shrink wrap that’s usually found around Monopoly, Scrabble and other board games.

Science Says: Internet craze behind a brain-tingling beer ad

A new Super Bowl commercial aims to calm frenzied football fans with oddly relaxing images of actress Zoe Kravitz whispering into a pair of microphones and softly tapping on a bottle.

The beer ad already has drawn more than 10 million views and stands to expose a vast audience to an internet craze known as ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response.

Trump’s deportation vow spurs California farmers into action

FRESNO, Calif. — Days after Donald Trump won the White House vowing to deport millions of people in the country illegally and fortify the Mexican border, California farmer Kevin Herman ordered nearly $600,000 in new equipment, cutting the number of workers he’ll need starting with the next harvest.

EU says Apple must pay up to 13B euros in back taxes

BRUSSELS — Apple will have to pay up to 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) in back taxes, plus interest, to Ireland after the European Union found Tuesday that it received illegal tax benefits over 11 years.

The ruling is the latest and biggest salvo in the EU executive Commission’s battle to have multinationals pay their fair share in the region.