Youth fishing team to meet

Jamie Mountain

The Fort Frances youth fishing team will be holding an informational session on Monday (Feb. 26) at 7 p.m. in the Fort High cafeteria.
This session will be for potential student anglers from the area in grades 7-12 and their parents, as well as interested volunteers.
“We are particularly interested in volunteers that would like to be boat captains,” said organizer Jason Cain.
“Boat captains are an integral part of the program, as every two students must be paired up with an adult boat captain in order to compete.”
More detailed information will be presented at the meeting.
Cain also noted that the program currently has around 22 students that are interested.
“We would like to see this program succeed and get off the ground,” he stressed.
“So the more interest we have, the better.”
News of the high school fishing team coming to Fort Frances broke back in early December.
The program is expected to get going this year with a more club-like setting, where students will attend sessions at lunch or after school that will focus on various fishing-related topics, building fishing rods and lures, and listening to guest speakers.