Touchdown Club scores big with field renovations

The Muskie football team and its Touchdown booster club plan to make renovations to Westfort field beginning in September.
The plans, though still in the infant stage, include installing a new water irrigation system and building a storage facility for the players’ equipment.
Construction of a new press box and bleachers also is in the works.
The Touchdown Club raised substantial funds from bingos (every second week), which helped it put $14,000 towards the Muskies’ $24,000 in expenses last season.
That expense figure was inflated slightly when the team built a storage shed.
Last season, the booster club chipped in $13,000 towards the Muskies’ $20,000 budget.
Club president Bruce Armstrong said the money raised was a direct result of hard work by both the players and volunteers. He estimated $15,000-$20,000 will be set aside for the renovation project.
While the high school won’t be giving any financial support, Armstrong said the club will be looking at getting the “shop class” involved to cut costs.
He also said the club will canvass local businesses for donations of materials.
“It should be a fun project. Every kid has worked really hard,” stressed Armstrong.
Work was forced to be delayed until the fall because the soccer leagues will be starting their seasons on the Westfort fields so the ones at St. Francis can replenish themselves after being damaged last season.
But Armstrong said the delay wouldn’t really matter, estimating the whole project should be finished within a “couple” of weeks.
Fort High athletic director Bob Grynol said this latest financial support from the Touchdown Club only reinforces how vital the booster clubs are to the Muskie sports programs.