Thunder forfeit

The Borderland Thunder’s best all-around game of the season so far will end up counting for nothing.
A 3-0 road win over the defending SIJHL champion Dryden Ice Dogs last Wednesday night went by the boards when the league ruled the Thunder must forfeit the two points because the team used an unauthorized player.
Duluth, Mn. resident Dan Hoehne debuted in grand style for the Thunder against the Ice Dogs, picking up the shutout between the pipes.
But SIJHL president Jerry Blazino said Hoehne was ineligible to play in that contest because his transfer was not officially authorized until Thursday.
“Any transfer of a U.S. player to a Canadian team has to go through the Hockey Northwest branch of the Canadian Hockey Association [CHA], then Hockey U.S., then back to the CHA, and then to us,” Blazino explained.
“The transfer simply didn’t come through in time for [Hoehne] to play Wednesday,” he added.
Blazino said Tuesday the decision was final, but added Dryden won’t be given the two points.
The scenario wasn’t winning the Ice Dogs any points with Thunder general manager Brent Tookenay.
“If you ask me, it’s a lack of class by Dryden to pull something like that,” he fumed.
“We wouldn’t do something like that to them, unless they signed Mario Lemieux or someone like that.
“They’re grasping at straws.”
Tookenay, who argued with league officials to no avail that the Thunder should have received the two points like the Thunder Bay KC Bulldogs did in a similar situation last season, said the SIJHL needs to create a better way of handling such circumstances down the road.
“If we have to suck it up and not get the two points to get this straightened out, then we’ll do that if it means a new protocol comes out of it,” Tookenay said.