Sturgeon CreekSchool hostsarchery event

By Robin McCormick
West End Correspondent

The Sturgeon Creek School hosted an archery competition on Saturday, March 2. A total of 35 archers in Grade 7/8 boys and girls from surrounding Sturgeon Creek, Crossroads and Donald Young Schools attended the archery competition.

Each archer shot 30 arrows (3 Rounds from an 8m distance and three rounds from a 12m distance). Medals were awarded to the top Boys and Girls in each of the Grade 7 and 8 category.

The results were as follows:

Grade 7 Girls: Abby Neilson SCS (Gold)

Leah Teeple CRS(Silver)

Sophia Maynard (Bronze)

Grade 8 Girls: Mayelle Greenier DYS (Gold)

Hailey Gibson SCS (Silver)

Reece Wiersema (Bronze)

Grade 7 Boys: Easton Brown SCS ( Gold)

Tompson Reynolds SCS (Silver)

Bennett McQacker DYS (Bronze)

Grade 8 Boys: Bryce Rudolph ( Gold)

Dominic Jolicoeur (Silver)

Atticus Lalonde DYS (Bronze)

Rob Kinsman (teacher, organizer) shared, ”it was great to have students come out and participate in a sport that promotes independence, patience and a specific skill set. Parents get to see how the archery program is taught in their child’s Physical Education Program or After School Club. The tournament was a great success with the help of Teaching Staff, coaches, Students, Parents, and High School Volunteers. Next year Mr. Kinsmen hope to have more students, archers attend and increase participation year after year.

Thanks to Mr. Kinsmen for his time and effort that he shares with archery students. All those involved appreciate your dedication.