Stellar showing for regional bowlers despite pressure

From the FFBC

Talk about coming through when the pressure was on!
Sunset Country #2 snagged all 14 of the final 14 points up for grabs to capture the silver medal at the 2020 Cambrian Insurance P.O.A. Classic provincial championships held Feb. 20-22 at Mid-Town Bowl in Timmins.
The quartet, comprised of Scooter Bowman (Balmertown), Mike Pavey (Kenora), Kayla Gadd (Dryden), and former Fort Frances Bowling Club member June McNally (now with Balmertown), along with coach Tim Gadd of Dryden, also earned one of the two berths up for grabs at the Inter-Provincial national championships slated for late April in Winnipeg.
Bowman led the squad by averaging 211.7 over the 10-game provincial roll-offs to finish at a whopping +437 over his entry average of 168.
McNally also had a strong showing in Timmins, winding up at +384 above her 129 entry average.
Pavey was next at +188 above his entry average of 173 while Kayla Gadd finished at +80 above her 155 entry average.
Sunset Country #2 ended up with 46 total points–two points behind Thunder Bay #2, which won the gold medal and also will represent Northern Ontario at the I.P. nationals in Winnipeg.
That team featured Richie Baccari, Justin Ford, Allison Reynolds, and Marnie Major, along with coach Mark Broomfield.
It was an oh-so-close finish for Sunset Country #1, meanwhile, which garnered 43 total points to miss out on the bronze medal by just one point to Cambrian North #2.
That team included Danielle Bois of Fort Frances, who averaged 179.1 over the 10 games to finish at +151 above her 164 entry average.
The quartet also featured Robert Keeper of Dryden (minus-57 below his entry average of 203), Jesse Sidor of Balmertown (+218 above his 182 average), and Shannon Davis of Kenora (minus-178 below her 165 average).
They were coached by Terry DeLaronde of Dryden.
For the second time in three years, it was a golden sweep for Sunset Country in the Executive portion of the provincial championships.
Darryl Rollins of Dryden rolled scores of 224 and 227 in his last two games to snag top spot in the six-bowler President’s Division at +109 above his 212 entry average.
Ryan Wallace (Thunder Bay) earned the silver medal at +88 above his 175 average while Patrick Perrin (Gateway) took the bronze at +84 above his 237 average.
Michelle Riley of Balmertown led the six-bowler Secretary’s Division at +88 above her 189 average, with Cory Rose (Nickel District) winning silver at +58 above his 168 average and Aaron Porto (Thunder Bay) capturing the bronze at minus-72 below his 219 average.
And Sherry McCoy, also of Balmertown, took first place in the six-bowler Treasurer’s Division at +303 above her 121 average–the only bowler in that division to finish at a plus.
Former Sunset Country bowler Cheryl Zilinski, now bowling out of Gateway, finished at minus-45 below her 186 average to take the silver medal while Sandy Sedor (Nickel District) won the bronze at minus-46 below her 126 average.
Finally, Charlotte Hazlewood and Terri Lynn Dale, both of Dryden, teamed up for a +205 total to give Sunset Country a fifth-place showing in the 12-team High-Low Doubles portion of the provincial championships in Timmins.
Hazlewood finished the 10 games at +178 above her 179 entry average while Dale was at +27 above her 154 average.
Dryden bowlers Jenn Rollins and Catherine Dashnay–Sunset Country’s other duo competing in this portion of the tournament–wound up at a combined minus-198 to finish in 12th place.
Rollins was at minus-437 below her 166 entry average while Dashnay was at +239 above her 155 average.
Laurent Lapensee and Carole Ludlow (Gateway) took top spot in the High-Low Doubles event at +489, followed by Germaine McNamara and Lisa Lische (Cambrian North) in second at +276 and Dale Bradford and Nicole Chatelaine (Gateway) in third at +244.
There is no national level for the Executive and High-Low Doubles events.
Individually, Bowman took the gold medal among the men. He topped the 44-bowler field with his +437 total, followed by Richie Baccari of Thunder Bay in second (+330) and former Fort Frances Bowling Club member Aaron Yaw, who now bowls out of the Cambrian North zone, with the bronze (+284).
Sidor (+218) and Pavey (+188) both cracked the top 10 for Sunset Country, finishing in sixth and seventh spot, respectively.
Among the 46 female bowlers, McNally snagged the bronze medal with her +384 total.
Linda Godin (Gold Belt) captured the gold medal at +460 while Kim Kuhn (Cambrian North) won the silver at +444.
McCoy (+303) and Dashnay (+239) had top-10 showings for Sunset Country, finishing in sixth and 10th place, respectively.
As icing on the cake, the 15-member Sunset Country contingent, which was managed by Toni Benning of Fort Frances, garnered 50 overall points to win the Aggregate banner for the first time since 2011.
Thunder Bay was next with 39, followed by Gateway (36), Cambrian North (24), Gold Belt (19), and Nickel District (17).