Spring football camp set to go

Lucas Punkari

The Muskie football team will hold its week-long spring camp for prospective players starting Monday in preparation for the 2012 WHSFL season.
“This will be one of those camps that we will be just learning the basics of the game and hopefully getting a lot of new kids out on the field,” said head coach Chad Canfield.
“We will be teaching them our playbooks and going through our techniques a bit, and overall it will be more of a learning week,” he explained.
“Our number-one goal for this week is to teach people about football and to also have a lot of fun, and our coaches are primed and ready to have a good turnout and a good start to the season.”
The camp, which is free of charge, will run from 6-8 p.m. all five days, with the Friday being a wind-down evening which will include a barbecue and a friendly game of flag football.
“All the players will need is a pair of shorts and cleats, but if they only have running shoes for the week, that will be fine,” Canfield noted.
“We will be going with just helmets and shoulder pads during the practices, and we will be able to supply everyone with those things.”
After making a Cinderella run to the semi-finals last fall, Canfield is gunning for his squad to make it all the way to the Currie Division title game this year.
But in order to do that, he’ll need to see a huge number of players at both this camp and the main training one in August.
“We’re really hoping to see some guys who can fill in our holes on the lines and some more guys to fill in the skill roles, but I think we will have a good turnout for that,” he remarked.
“We want to stress that everyone who wants to come out should be there,” Canfield added.
“Last year we saw what happened when we were starting slow with low numbers, and we spent the entire year trying to catch up.
“We would like to start off strong this year with the numbers, and then we can really have a lot of success when the season comes around,” he reasoned.
Those interested in taking part in next week’s spring camp can contact Canfield at 276-2755.