Pair fined

the MNR

Two anglers have been fined a total of $3,750 for having too many walleye in their possession.
Brent Kruger of Kenora and Cynthia Nault of Winnipeg pleaded guilty to having 15 walleye over the legal limit.
Kruger was fined $2,250 while Nault was fined $1,500.
Court heard that on April 4, conservation officers on routine patrol on Lake of the Woods in Kenora came across Kruger and Nault.
The pair had six walleye in their boat, and told officers they also had fish at their camp.
Upon inspection of the camp, the officers found 17 fresh and frozen walleye that Nault and Kruger had caught between April 1 and 4.
The legal limit for walleye is four per person.
Justice of the Peace Robert McNally heard the case June 8 in Kenora.