New leader in women’s volleyball league

The hunters have become the hunted. Scared Hitless are the new front-runners in the local women’s volleyball league heading into action tonight, moving ahead of former leader Gillons’ last week.
A six-point night for Scared Hitless upped their season total to 33, two ahead of Gillons’, who managed only three points for the night.
Sabaskong remains in third place with 28.5 points, but is being pushed hard by fourth-place Diehards (28).
The Squirts (21.5 points) jumped one spot to fifth while Power Paks (20) improved their standing from seventh to sixth.
The Wildcats (19 points) were shut out last week to drop to seventh place while the Mixed Nuts (11), Rookies (seven), and The Placers (five) held their ground in the final three positions.
League action goes every Thursday at 7 p.m. at Fort Frances High School and Robert Moore School.