Moose hunters hit with fines

From the MNRF

Two men have been fined a total of $4,000 for moose hunting offences.
Jean Paul Mayer of Navan pleaded guilty, and was fined $3,000, for abandoning a cow moose and allowing its flesh to spoil.
Otto Sternad of Oshawa pleaded guilty, and was fined $1,000, for failing to immediately attach his seal to a cow moose.
Court heard that sometime between Oct. 14 and Oct. 17, Mayer and Sternad were hunting along Highway 105, north of Ear Falls, when Mayer shot and killed a cow moose.
He made no effort to retrieve the moose and subsequently abandoned it, allowing its flesh to spoil.
Sternad, who was party-hunting with Mayer at the time, failed to immediately attach his cow moose seal to the moose.
Justice of the Peace Edith Baas heard the case against Sternad on Dec. 20 and the one against Mayer on Feb. 14, both in Red Lake.
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