Madill flexes for provincials, pumped up about nationals

Try and guess where the humble beginnings of local natural bodybuilder Brock Madill began.
A strict upbringing in a gym, you say? Perhaps taking up the sport from dad?
Not even close.
Would you guess a small kitchen in town, imitating the “Incredible Hulk?”
“The big thing that attracted me was that [older brother] Greg was into it,” said Madill, 32. “We’d do those Hulk poses in kitchen for fun and I was very impressed by that.
“It’s just something I’ve stuck with,” he added.
Years of dieting and training have led Madill, a competitor during the summer and a teacher at Seven Generations Education Institute during the fall and winter, to one of his biggest competitions this week–the Ontario Natural Bodybuilding championships in Toronto on Saturday.
It’ll be a quick return to the province’s capital for Madill, who is coming off a top finish in the light heavyweight title (176-195 pounds) at Musclemania (Canada’s Natural Bodybuilding Championship) there late last month.
His performance there can be seen on TSN in late-October.
However, this weekend will be his first time Madill will be vying for the nationals sanctioned by the International Federation of Bodybuilding, needing a top-three finish this weekend to take the next step.
“I’m fairly confident,” said Madill, who currently is at 195 pounds after a stingy training program 16 weeks leading up to Musclemania, including 45 minute workouts five times a week (each workout concentrating on a body part).
“I’m actually going to be in slightly better condition . . . I’m in the best shape of my life,” he added.
The judging for natural bodybuilding is pre-determined at the compulsories event, hours before the big show for the audience. It is here competitors are judged on their body form and posing manner.
It’s a sport through and through, he stressed.
“There’s so much that people don’t see,” said Madill. “The mental aspect is probably the biggest. When dieting, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself. The biggest aspect is dieting.”
“I would say the morning is the most stressful,” he continued. “You know you have to look good in the morning.”
Madill’s most ardent training partner is his wife, Darlene. The two, who celebrated their one-year anniversary last Thursday, can often be seen working out together at the Memorial Sports Centre.
“Darlene’s definitely one of the major contributors to my success. She’s dieted with me every time. That was a motivitator,” he enthused.