Local soccer league in need of more players, volunteers

Jamie Mountain

The local Borderland Soccer League needs more players and volunteers in order to keep running.
That was the message delivered during the league’s annual general meeting held Feb. 25 at La Place Rendez-Vous here.
To start 2018, the league had $8,992 in its bank account–a reduction of nearly $1,000 compared to 2017 due to a decrease in players.
The women’s division only featured two teams last season (La Place Rendez-Vous/Taggs and Al’s Racquet Stringing) and almost was scrapped entirely.
But a number of people signed up just prior to the deadline to save the season.
“Our women’s league struggled,” league president Chris Sinclair conceded.
“We went down from three teams to two last year,” he noted.
“They only played once a week so there was change in that sense.
“We had one game, for sure, that was forfeited due to numbers and it [the division] was kind of deteriorating in the sense that you’re playing the same team every week,” Sinclair added.
The possibility of just keeping the same two teams, and playing on a different night of the week rather than Mondays, was discussed at the annual meeting.
Another idea was brought up about possibly playing seven-on-seven games on smaller fields, rather than fielding the regular 11-person lineup.
But there was fear it would kill the competitiveness.
“Something I thought of was, because there were some women that wanted to play more competitive and ended up playing in the men’s [division] at the end of last year, is to just separate the days so it’s not taking away from the women’s league if they do choose to play on men’s teams, as well” Sinclair reasoned.
“I just don’t really know what to expect this year from the women’s division.”
This season possibly could see the men playing on a certain night of the week, with the women and mixed teams playing on separate nights.
“I just think with only having two women’s teams towards the end of the year, it kinda gets old,” Sinclair remarked.
Board positions also were voted on at the AGM.
Mike Sande will take over as vice-president of the men’s division while Rebecca Selman will stay on as the women’s vice-president.
Selman had assumed the role last year after the previous holder resigned.
Alyssa Faragher, meanwhile, will be the league’s secretary this season, taking over from Andrea Coyle.
A need for a director of game officials was brought up by Sinclair but no one in attendance was willing to fill it.
“I’ll just leave that blank and I will take on that responsibility as part of president,” he noted.
Registration for the 2018 season is set for the beginning of May, which can be done online through the league’s Facebook page.
Exhibition games will start during the last week of May, with the regular season running June and July.
Playoffs then will follow in the early weeks of August.