Local ladies capture Club 55+ provincial title

Lucas Punkari

They didn’t know they had captured the provincial Club 55+ triples tournament crown until the official awards banquet last Wednesday night in Sudbury.
But when the local trio of Evelyn Barker, Betty Robinson, and Sylvia Beadle found out their pins over average score of +195 was enough to capture the title and earn a berth to the national roll-offs, there was no wiping the smiles off their faces.
“We were all pretty excited,” Beadle enthused.
“We knew that we had a good score going into the banquet that night, but we didn’t know what the other teams had for an overall score so we weren’t that certain going in,” she noted.
Heading into their fourth and final game of the day, the trio had a 64-pin advantage over a team from Burk’s Falls (located near North Bay).
But thanks to a 256 score from Beadle, which was 90 pins over her average of 166, the Plaza Lanes-based team was able to pull away to a comfortable win.
“We thought we had a good chance going into that game because we still had a plus score,” Beadle explained.
“And in that last game, I was able to bowl really well and that helped us stay where we are,” she added.
In the two games during the morning session, though, it was Beadle’s teammates who ended up doing the heavy lifting to help the team stay up with the leaders.
“Evelyn and Betty [bowled] great,” Beadle noted. “I had a disastrous first game, but they were bowling well right from the start and they kept us it in it.
“I think in the end, our consistency was the biggest reason for our success as we were pretty much able to bowl the exact same, or close to it, for the rest of the day.”
Next up for the ladies will be the national roll-offs coming up June 27-28 in Kelowna, B.C., which will mark the first-ever national event that anyone on the team has been a part of.
“We’re all pretty excited about that,” Beadle smiled.
“Our season here is actually finishing up in a couple of weeks, but Rick Stamarski has offered to coach us until we leave at the end of June, which I think will be very good for us,” she noted.
“I’m going to try and get together with them once a week, with the main goal being to keep everyone sharp before they head out west,” Stamarski said.
Stamarski also was competing for provincial glory in the men’s division in Sudbury last Wednesday with Jim Fowler and Ken Dick.
But their team ended up finishing in fifth place with a pins over average score of minus-94.
“We just didn’t come up with the games that we wanted,” Stamarski sighed.
“A couple of bad games early on was all it took,” he noted. “And even though we had a strong game at the end, we just started playing well too late.
“However, we still had a really great time, though, and it was nice to meet a lot of old friends again,” Stamarski added.