Local badminton players ‘rule’ at F.F. junior open tourney

Some 43 badminton players participated in the Fort Frances Badminton Club Junior Open tournament at the Fort Frances High School on March 18. The athletes ranged from nine to 18 years old.
A considerable number of local players was complemented with entries from Kenora, Thunder Bay, and Rainy River. Play ranged from beginner to a very competitive provincial level.
Competition was held in three age categories–under 13, under 16, and under 19 years.
Local head coach Manami Alexander, very pleased with the turnout, claimed one of the real pleasant surprises of the tourney was that many local non-club players and former club players showed up to take part. A good number of local Muskie players also took part in the action.
Players from Fort Frances, having the larger representation, also grabbed more than their fair share of the medals, especially in the “A” and “B” events.
In fact, the only “A” first place finish to escape Fort Frances players went to Susie Aikenhead of Rainy River in the girls’ singles under 19 event.
This win was sweet revenge for her, beating out Katie Vittie from Fort Frances. Vittie captured gold last year in NWOSSAA, leaving Aikenhead to settle for the silver.
In the “Singles” event, the results of the tourney were as follows:
•U19 Boys “A” 1.Tyson Storkson (FF), 2. Jordan Zen (FF)
•U19 Girls “A” 2. Susie Aikenhead (RR), 2. Katie Vittie (FF)
•U16 Boys “A” 1. Adrian Bondett (FF) 2. Dan Borg (Ken)
•U16 Girls “A” 1. Simone Desjardins (FF) 2. Mallory Chowhan (FF)
•U13 Boys “A” 1. David Fagerdahl (FF) 2. Derek Allan (FF)
•U13 Girls “A” 1. Jana Kenedy (FF) 2. Mila Drazenovich (FF)
•U19 Girls “B” 1. Tara Svoboda (FF)
•U16 Boys “B” 1. Brynn Canfield (Ken.)
•U16 Girls “B” 1. Melanie Pierce (FF) 2. Summer Struve (FF)
•U13 Boys “B” 1. David Pierce (FF) 2. Chris Gogosha (FF)
•U13 Girls “B” 1. Natalie Desjardins (FF) 2. Kyleigh Ossachuk (FF)
•U16 Boys “C” 1. Richard Allan (FF) 2. Daniel Loucks (Ken.)
•U16 Girls “C” 1. Jessica Michalchuk (Ken.) 2. Samantha Pearson (FF)
•U13 Girls “C” 1. Corey Chowhan (FF) 2. Brittany Shine (FF)
•U16 Boys “D” 1. Nathan Rozon (Ken.)
•U13 Girls “D” 1. Calin Bambullis (FF).
The “Doubles” action provided the following winners:
•U19 Boys “A” 1. Adrian Bondett & Richard Allan (FF)
•U16 Girls “A” 1. Sarah Paterson & Jennifer Lawson (FF) 2. Summer Struve & Mallory Chowhan (FF)
•U13 Boys “A” 1. David Fagerdahl & David Pierce (FF) 2. Derek Allan & Chris Gogosha (FF)
•U13 Girls “A” 1. Simone Desjardins & Natalie Desjardins (FF) 2. Jana Kennedy & Calin Bambullis (FF).
•U19 Boys “B” 1. Dan Borg & Brynn Canfield (Ken.) 2. Kert Gelling (T. Bay) & Rob Paterson (FF)
•U16 Girls “B” 1. Megan Cuthbertson & Melanie Pierce (FF) 2. Samantha Pearson & Tara Svoboda (FF)
•U13 Girls “B” 1. Kyleigh Ossachuk & Mila Drazenovich (FF) 2. Jenna Gogosha & Correy Chowhan (FF)
•U13 Boys “B” 1. Ben Edie & Simon Ward (Ken.).
The fun-packed “Mixed-Up” doubles event saw the following results:
•U19 “A” 1. Katie Vittie & Richard Allan (FF.) 2. Claudette Edie & Daniel Loucks (Ken.)
•U16 “A” 1. Jana Kennedy & David Pierce (FF) 2. Derek Allan (FF) & Alicia Loucks (Ken.)
•U19 “B” 1. Tyson Storkson & Tara Svoboda (FF) 2. Adrian Bondett & Simone Desjardins (FF)
•U16 “B) 1. Simon Ward (Ken.) & Kayla Shine (FF) 2. Natalie Desjardins & Calin Bambullis (FF)
•U19 “C” 1. Jordan Zen & Summer Struve (FF) 2. Rob Paterson & Melanie Pierce (FF)
•U16 “C” 1. Kim Pacarenuk & Mila Drazenovich (FF) 2. Corey Chowhan & Heather Newman (FF).
Separate from the competition, the players had an opportunity at a total of over $500 dollars worth of attendance draw prizes.
Parents, fans, coaches, and players wound up the event with a fun-filled social the same evening.
The next major event for the juniors will be the Winnipeg Junior Open coming up April 14-16. A number of Fort Frances players are expected to participate.
On April 8-9, local players will be travelling to Kenora to compete in an adult tournament. Juniors also are allowed to compete in this tourney.