FFGWHA announces its award winners for the season

Press Release

Message from the President:

We hope that everyone is doing well during these uncertain and unprecedented times during this COVID-19 pandemic. We made the difficult decision to cancel our banquet and year end awards ceremony this year. This came with much disappointment and heartache as we feel the year end banquet is an important time to come together as a membership and give praise and thanks to all our players, volunteers, parents, guardians and board members who dedicate themselves to making our season a success. Year after year you all continue to make our hockey family a wonderful place to be.

I would like to specifically thank the FFGWHA Board of Director members:

Tom Kenny

Deb Cousineau

Nicole Miller

Helena Guertin

Aimee Matheson

Matt McLellan

Lauren McCoy

Jason Tessier

Mitch Perreault

Stephanie Weir

Chris McPherson

Ron MacKinnon

Countless volunteer hours go into minor hockey program delivery to make it successful. Without these volunteers, there would be no program. If you are interested in joining the FFGWHA Board of Directors, please keep an eye out for our Annual General Meeting.

We remain hopeful that things will return to our regular schedule and in September we will all be back at the arena together. Please continue to do your part by social distancing and staying home as much as possible.

Without further delay, below are the selections from the coaches for our year end awards. We will make arrangements, in the near future, to get the awards to the players. Below are comments that coaches submitted with their award recipients. The coaches had some really great things to say about their players. We are proud of all our players.

We hope that everyone has safe and enjoyable summer. See you in September for FFGWHA’s 25th Anniversary Season!

Craig Miller

FFGWHA President

This year’s Award winners, as listed on the FFGWHA Facebook page:



The Novice HEAT had a great group of girls this season who ALL worked so well together to form a strong, proud group of girls. This group of girls really helped each other to bring out each player’s strengths and helped each other when they struggled.

Most Improved: Emma Windego

One of the things that really stood out was a girl who impressed everyone each week, We watched her develop confidence and show us her “fancy hands”. So our most improved player this year was Emma Windego.

Most Sportsmanlike: Madelyn McDuffe

Another girl who was always a joy to have no matter what the situation and just really loved to play is Maddy McDuff who get our Most Sportsmanlike player.

Most Dedicated: Maelle Easton

Maelle was our girl that played any position or role that was asked of her even it meant playing for the opposite team and therefore our most dedicated player goes to Maelle Easton.

Most Valuable Players: Willow Mason and Peyton Arpin

And finally, as coaches, Jason and I think about the MVP of the team it’s very difficult because each player brought so much to the group but we feel that as a pair Willow Mason and Peyton Arpin together formed the MVP’s .


Most Improved – Klara Wilson

You worked really hard this year and we could see the improvement in your skills with every game. Keep practicing and we hope to see you next season.

Most Dedicated – Abi Matheson

You had game plans ready to share with the coaches and other players. It is that type of dedication to your team that earned you this award. Keep up the positive attitude and we hope to see you next season.

Most Sportsmanlike – Norah McCart

You were probably the smallest player on the ice but you always kept a smile on your face. Even when the goalie pads were bigger than you were and you had some trouble getting back up. You kept trying and you had fun doing it. Don’t ever lose your positive spirt and we hope to see you next year.

Most Valuable Player – Cedar Bruyere

MVPs are adaptable, resourceful leaders. You scored a lot of goals this year but you stood out as a leader to some of the less experienced players on the team. Keep practicing and you will master any skills you dedicate yourself to. Good luck in Atom next year.

Novice Rookie of the Year: Halle Bruyere

Halle, you have shown great potential, which is why you were chosen as the novice rookie of the year. Your love of the game is very apparent, you work hard and keep a positive attitude. Stick with your passions Halle! Great season and we hope to see you next year.



Most Improved – Erika Danylchuk

Great year Erika! Your attention to the coaches’ suggestions and your hard work during each drill, practice and game were very noticeable and resulted in your improvement throughout the year. Your growth in your ability to defend while continuing to skate backwards by the end of the season was great to see!

Most Dedicated – Jorja Guertin

We were so happy to have you in the Atom division this year Jorja! Your work ethic and love the game comes naturally and made us coaches confident every time you were on that ice! You were a joy to coach because of how hard you work and the way you think about the game. Continue to work hard and have fun while playing!

Most Sportsmanlike – Everlee Canfield

Thanks for a great year, Everlee! We could always count on you for a strong pep talk before each game and cheer in the locker room to get everyone pumped up! A positive attitude and team spirit like yours is important to have on any team.

Most Valuable Player – Harmony Yerxa

Awesome year Harmony! It was great to have you back in girls’ hockey again. You were a huge contributor to our Ice Warriors team. When we needed a big goal or key play to be made, we could count on you!


Thank you girls for a great season of being puck hungry and having fun. All of you were a pleasure to coach and we enjoyed watching you grow as hockey players. Awards in hockey are never just about one player. All of you had a part in supporting team Storm and the players receiving awards.

Enjoy your summer and looking forward to a new season in the fall.

Most Improved – Madelyn Crowe

Most Dedicated – Gianna Gushulak

Most Sportsmanlike – Kerrigan MacLean

Most Valuable Player – Sayler Easton


Most Improved – Ayanna Savage

It was so great to watch you grown all season long at the goalie position. You went from having 7 goals against in the first game of the year to being tough to get even one past near the end of the season. I have to admit, I was nervous and skeptical at the beginning of the year of your choice to play net but I am so glad you did because we had a great year and watching you play in goal and improve all year was so much fun!

Most Dedicated – Sayler Easton

You are a joy to have as a coach. You come to practice and games ready to play. Your work ethic in practices is a big part of what sets you apart from other players. You push yourself in practice and it makes a huge difference in the way you are able to perform on the cie. You were a big part of our Leafs team this year. You helped out defensively, scored some huge goals for our team and you were a big part of our team’s championship at the Cake Eater tournament in Edina. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the year!

Most Sportsmanlike – Ainsley Matheson

Thanks for a great year Ainsley. We could always count on you to bring a smile a funny story and a positive attitude to the dressing room. You definitely exhibit the “team spirit” and you always try to ensure that everyone on the team is included. That is a sign of a great team mate and it was great to finally get the chance to coach you this year!

Most Valuable Player – Harmony Yerxa

The Cake Eater tournament in Edina was definitely the highlight of our year and when we needed a big play you were there to score the game winning overtime goal. I hope you remember that goal for a long time because it was a huge goal and won our team the tournament. As the most valuable player on your team, remember to always stay positive, focused and work hard. Don’t let anyone take you off your game. Push through whatever the other team brings at you without getting frustrated. When you stay positive and focused you are nearly unstoppable. You were a leader on our Atom Leafs team and I was very happy to get the opportunity to coach you again this year!



Coach Tom has contacted each of the team’s award winners and sent a year end wrap up note to the team. Thanks Tom!

Most Improved – Chloe Allen

Most Dedicated – Brooklyn Machura

Most Sportsmanlike – Logan McPherson

Most Valuable Player – Jersey Rose


Most Improved Player – Davilyn Miller

Davilyn came into the Peewee division after having played centre for several years. This season, she transitioned into playing wing for her team. Moving from one division to another tends to be a difficult transition for most players, and Davilyn was no exception to this. As the season progressed, Davilyn embraced her new role on the team as a winger and learned the responsibilities of her new position. Her confidence grew as the season went on and her shooting and passing improved with each game and practise. Davilyn enjoys being part of the team and was frequently found laughing with her teammates and making TikTok’s whenever there was a break in the action. Have a great summer and be ready to step on the ice in the fall and build on this past year!

Most Dedicated Player – Emma Wilson

Emma loves to play hockey and it shows. She pays attention during the game. Emma asks questions after every shift and throughout the game, including before and after the game. Emma has a strong desire to improve her game and be the best centre that she can be. She is competitive and is driven to improve by watching the older players on the team and seeing what she needs to do to take her game to the next level. Emma takes the feedback given to her by coaches and uses it to improve her game. Have a great summer, Emma and looking forward to seeing you on the ice in the fall!

Most Sportsmanlike Player – Kali Tessier

Kali was absolutely fun to have on the team this year. She was always laughing, giggling or talking about something. It was rare to see Kali in a bad mood and her laughter is infectious and brings up the mood of all around her. Kali talks a lot during games and practices but asks lots of questions to try and improve herself. During games, she often talks highly of her friends or kids that she knows or remembers on the other teams. She is competitive and loves to play hockey. When she’s not playing hockey but at the arena, she could often be found making a TikTok with a slushie in her hand. Thanks for a fun year, Kali and looking forward to seeing you over the summer and next year!

Most Valuable Player – Harper Gunderson

What defines the Most Valuable Player … someone who puts their team first; some who knows, owns and embraces their role; someone who look for ways to contribute; someone who connects with their teammates; someone who exudes positivity and sportsmanship; someone who is dependable. Harper is all these things. Over the course of the season, Harper was always positive and always cheering on her teammates. She offers advice and insights throughout the game to her team in between periods. Harper is always trying to improve and is always open to advice from her coaches. Thanks for a great season and good luck in Bantam next year!



This season the girls had a tremendous year. Firstly I want to thank the FFGWHA board and organization for all the work they did this season in getting the bantam/midget division going as it was a big undertaking getting the two divisions combined. The entire bantam/ midget girls had an exceptional year playing under these unique circumstances and then dealing with no the goaltenders situations. Thank you to all the girls that stepped up and played goalie throughout the year so that we could have a season.

I would also want to thank Emily who coached the other bantam/midget team and then the co-coached with me when due to injuries and other circumstances we had to combine teams. I would also like to thank Michelle Mondor who was our trainer and assistant coach. Without you two the season would not have been possible. I would also like to thank all others who assisted throughout the season with both teams.

Finally I would like to thank Stu Mcivor and Blake Carlson for all the work they did with the goaltenders this season as both teams had goalies that never played before. Your dedication and work was evident in how well the goalies progressed throughout the season.

This season the girls improved tremendously throughout the season and they persevered through adversity. It was an honour coaching this season and I enjoyed it immensely.

The Bladed Rebels had a great year!

Most Dedicated – Sydney Mondor

This award this year is the most important award we could give out. This player is deserving of every award available in this division this year and it was extremely difficult choosing which award to present to her. Without this player the success we had would not have been possible. The work and dedication you put into every practice and game was evident in just how far you came this season. At the start of the season you took on a position unfamiliar to you and did it with total commitment. By keeping us in games and stealing wins for us gave us the opportunity to have the success we did this season! Becoming our full time goaltender for the bladed rebels at the start season you made the season a true success. Your dedication, commitment, sportsmanship, and perseverance was unprecedented.

Most Improved – Isabelle Tanguay

It was an honour to coach this player and to see the strides she made from the start of the season to the end was amazing. The ability to read the ice, anticipate plays, and make the right decision increased exponentially as the season progressed. Her individual skills such as passing, shooting and skating improved greatly this season. the dedication and commitment you put forth this season was evident in your improvement this season. This player took on all challenges head on and did a tremendous job.

Most Sportsmanlike – Lillian McKenzie

Being a combined bantam/midget team this season provided the girls with unique situation. This player displayed great sportsmanship both on and off the ice with all the girls on both teams. This girl did everything we asked of her always with a smile and positive attitude. She was willing to do whatever we asked of her. If it was playing forward or defence, while playing aggressively at all times without taking very many penalties. She always put forth her best effort no matter what the situation was. This is why it was truly a pleasure to coach this player.

Most Valuable Player – Piper Miller

When choosing this award we looked at everything from dedication, to sportsmanship as part of the criteria for this award. This player did everything we asked and was a driving force on the ice every shift she took. She played with confidence and became a not only an outstanding individual player, but truly an exceptional team player. This player was versatile and did everything asked so that the team could be successful. You are deserving of this award and it was an honour coaching you this season.


Most Improved – Kassidy Gurniak

You really stepped up playing in net for the first half of the season. I know it wasn’t always your favourite, but you did a great job and improved so much in such a short time. Thanks for being so fun to coach.

Most Dedicated – Monika Ruppenstein

You’re a selfless hockey player, who makes the pass when your teammate has a better scoring opportunity than you do. In drills and games, you’re always asking questions and wanting to learn. When I’d ask you to play a position that you don’t normally, you would do it without question. These qualities show your dedication not only as a player and athlete, but more importantly as a teammate. On top of your dedication, you’re also hilarious and have such a great attitude. It was a pleasure coaching you.

Most Sportsmanlike – Emma Bodnarchuk

You’re the most sportsmanlike “brick wall who takes penalties” that I have ever met, even when you were threatening to run down a girl on the other team. You were a real leader for us this year, on and off the ice. It was a bit of a weird season combining the midget and bantam girls and you played a big role in bringing us all together as a team. Your outgoing and kind personality is infectious and I had a blast coaching you. If you still want to make a speech about pucks in the pants being your favourite memory of this year, let me know and we will make it happen.

Most Valuable Player – Eva Gerstner

Your love and dedication for hockey went unmatched this year. Every chance you got, you were trying to improve some aspect of your game. If I hadn’t said it was time to wrap up, I am convinced you would have stayed on the out door rink until the sun went down. That dedication is what makes you such a good hockey player. You were valuable to us this year and will be on every team you play for. If I can teach you one thing, it would be to make sure that you keep loving it and having fun playing because that’s what it is all about. It was a delight coaching someone who loves hockey as much as you do. Thanks for such a fun season.


Most improved- Emma Bodnarchuk

Most dedicated- Piper Miller

Most sportsmanlike- Monica Ruppenstein

MVP- Syd Mondor

Most Improved – Emma Bodnarchuk

First off many girls could have been selected for any of these awards, however in saying that, I feel Emma grew as a player this year and developed the inner confidence to be a factor on the blue line. She made it difficult to get around and started to show an offensive side to her game. Congrats Emma and best of luck next year.

Most Dedicated – Piper Miller

Piper has the heart of a lion, her dedication to the game is like none other then I have seen while coaching girls hockey. Whether on the ice, the bench or dressing room her dedication was outstanding, not to mention her talents are truly amazing. Congrats Piper and best of luck next season.

Most Sportsmanlike – Monika Ruppenstein

Monica is a true sportsman, (sports chick), she always smiled and never got down. She was asked to play many positions thought the year and did so without a frown or a grumble. Just happy to be around her friends and teammates makes her a true sportsman. Congrats Monica and best of luck next season.

Most Valuable Player – Sydney Mondor

The absolute hardest trophy to hand out for a coach. Every player is an MVP in their own way. I choose Sydney because without her the team would not have happened. She stepped up in a roll new to her as a player and a teammate. She accepted the challenge every game and practice and her hard work and determination made her and the team have an awesome season. I can still see her making that penalty shot save in the Edina tourney and that was a key save in winning the tournament. Congrats Syd, you deserve this award and best of luck next season.

It was a pleasure coaching all these young ladies this season, memorable and fun for all.