Ferris reigning WISSOTA Modified champ

It was another great night of racing at the Emo Speedway on Saturday night.
The WISSOTA Modifieds drove their hearts out and had a surprisingly clean feature race despite having a bit of a slippery track to deal with.
The cars took off with a few minor glitches and spin-outs on the water- slicked track, but there were no cautions save for one later in the race when a couple of cars went off the track.
Greg Ferris began in the lead and stayed there. Joey Galloway was in second a little way behind him, with Jamie Davis, Curtis Kamm, Jake Kamm, and Gavin Paull locked in a continuous battle for third place.
It took a while for the pack to finally break up and when they did, Davis used this opportunity to maneuver past the others into third. His spot safely confirmed, he set his sights on Galloway and moved up behind him.
Ferris had a larger lead on the rest of the pack, so he was in no danger at the time. Galloway, however, had to fight with Davis over who was going to be in second.
In the end, Davis moved up a spot and Galloway had to drop back to third.
Ferris maintained his position in first, but had to watch with Davis moving steadily in behind him. The race finished with Ferris holding onto first, Davis right on his heels in second, and Galloway bringing up the rear in third.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds also had a good feature Saturday night even though they also had to deal with a little bit of a slippery track. Chuck Lambert started off in the lead, but was quickly overtaken by Jori Hughes.
Hughes then held a healthy lead over the pack right to the end. Behind him, Lambert, Riley Matthews, Anthony Visser, and John Hettinga all duelled over second place.
Despite being the one to claim the spot, Matthews had to leave the track because of car trouble later in the race and Visser was passed by the others, so Lambert and Hettinga were left to fight over who got second.
It looked like Lambert was gong to sneak into second, but on the very last lap, Hettinga slipped past him and stole silver.
The final standing was Hughes in first, Hettinga in second, and Lambert in third.
The Street Stocks had the cleanest race of all—no cautions whatsoever. There were a couple of minor slips over the edge of the track, but no caution flags were waved.
Jessie Mayfield gained the lead at the beginning and held it for a long time until he was passed by Gary Grimes in the last quarter of the race. From then on, it was Grimes in first with Mayfield in second.
Third was constantly held by Jeff Wickstrom, followed by Danny Rea in fourth.
The heats all went well. The slippery track didn’t really help anyone, but there were no serious accidents, either.
Heat one of the WISSOTA Modifieds finished with Curtis Kamm in first, Joey Galloway in second, and Greg Ferris in third. Heat #2 had John Hettinga in first, Jake Kamm in second, and Len Allen in third.
Heat #3 ended with Gavin Paull in first, Jamie Davis in second, and Dwayne Pelepetz in third.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds first heat finished with Kendal Gamsby in first, Chuck Lambert in second, and Ron Westover in third. Heat #2 was completed with Riley Matthews in first, Danny Rea in second, and Bill Witherspoon in third.
The Street Stocks heat ended with Jeff Wickstrom in first, Gary Grimes in second, and Danny Rea in third.
< *c>Summary
< *c>WISSOTA Modifieds
•Feature—1. Greg Ferris 2. Jamie Davis 3. Joey Galloway 4. Jake Kamm 5. Gavin Paull 6. Curtis Kamm 7. Len Allen 8. Dwayne Pelepetz 9. Bill Witherspoon 10. Glen Strachan 11. John Hettinga 12. Denny Trimble 13. Danny Rea 14. Kenny Anderson
•Heat #1—1. C. Kamm 2. Galloway 3. Ferris 4. Strachan 5. Rea 6. Trimble
•Heat #2—1. Hettinga 2. J. Kamm 3. Allen 4. Ron Korpi 5. Gary Wilson 6. Riley Matthews
•Heat #3—1. Paull 2. Davis 3. Pelepetz 4. Witherspoon 5. Anderson
< *c>Midwest Modifieds
•Feature—1. Jori Hughes 2. John Hettinga 3. Chuck Lambert 4. Bill Witherspoon 5. Kendal Gamsby 6. Anthony Visser 7. Danny Rea 8. Ken Perry 9. Ron Westover 10. Denny Trimble 11. Riley Matthews
•Heat #1—1. Gamsby 2. Lambert 3. Westover 4. Visser
•Heat #2—1. Matthews 2. Rea 3. Witherspoon 4. Visser 5. Hettinga 6. Perry
< *c>Street Stocks
•Feature—1. Gary Grimes 2. Jessie Mayfield 3. Jeff Wickstrom 4. Danny Rea 5. John Bosma 6. Chris Shine 7. Mat Gamsby 8. Andrew Trimble 9. Dean Martin
•Heat—1. Wickstrom 2. Grimes 3. Rea 4. Mayfield 5. Shine 6. Trimble 7. Martin 8. Gamsby