Emo Speedway’s 2021 racing season enters the final stretch

By Darren Derendorf
Special to the Times

Annual Race for the Fallen to finish out the year, September 4 and 5.

Mother Nature bested our Weekend Warriors one more time this season as the clouds opened up Friday and Saturday and made the grounds of the Emo Speedway too damp to welcome drivers of any kind. With only two nights of racing left in the season at the Emo Speedway, the championship battles are coming to an end after nine races. However none of the championship battles are close to over, and with over 100pts available per feature race, all the drivers will be battling to find their way to the top of the points standings.

After having a dominant season, winning 6 of the 9 feature races, Raice Westover has built a comfortable lead heading into the final two-day show of the season. Looking to play spoiler to Raice’s championship run is the only other Emo Street Stock feature winner is Darren Wolframe, who despite missing five nights of racing, is still fighting for a top 10 championship finish. The battle for 2nd place is tight with only 28 points separating Sierra Happy and Lyle Thompson who have both earned four top-5 finishes. In fourth place is Garett Gamsby who despite not finishing outside of the top 10 this season, missed two nights of racing mid-season and is out of contention for the championship win. With more than a 100 point advantage over 6th place and consistent top 5 finishes all season, trouble would have to find Kevin Desserre for him to give up his hold on fifth place. Finally one of the closest point battles can be seen for 6th through 10th with all four drivers within 100 points.

Top 5

  1. #15R Raice Westover – 954pts.
  2. #54X Sierra Happy -119pts.
  3. #24T Lyle Thompson -147 pts.
  4. #33 Garett Gamsby -264 pts.
  5. #86 Kevin Desserre -286pts.

James Lambert has been able to hold the championship lead throughout most of the season with 4 top 5 finishes, the most among any driver in the top 6 in points. However in the closest of the championship races, any driver in the top 12 still has a chance to take the championship home. By starting 8 of the 9 features this season, Lambert and 2nd place Patrick Davis have been able to carve out a small lead over the field. Rounding out the top 4 are feature winners Garrett Paull and Brandon Rehill, who despite their victories, and missed out on 2 or more feature races. Improving every week is 5th place Jesse Thompson, in his first year in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds. The battle for the top 10 is close with 6th to 12th place only separated by 83 points. Should any driver have a bad night, they may see their whole season go up in smoke.

Top 5

  1. #59X James Lambert – 760pts.
  2. #10D Patrick Davis -20pts.
  3. #16G Garrett Paull – 61pts.
  4. 4B Brandon Rehill –89pts.
  5. #3X Jesse Thompson –97pts.

Mr. Consistency, Jeff Davis, has been able to build a solid points lead by finishing all 9 feature races in the top 10, a feat no other driver in any class has achieved this season. Following very close behind is Matt DePiero and Cameron Brown looking to have to good days to steal the championship from Davis. Despite having the most wins in class – three – Brody Strachan has had mechanical issues plague the latter half of the season leading to side to 4th place in the points standings. With only 73 points separating 4th to 8th, the drivers will be battling for every last point available. With several drivers looking to repeat victories from earlier in the season, there is no telling who will come out on top when the dust settles Sunday night.

Top 5

  1. #85D Jeff Davis – 912pts.
  2. #21 Matt DePiero -55pts.
  3. #4JR Cameron Brown -63pts.
  4. #99 Brody Strachan -107pts.
  5. #44 Tyler Brown -113pts.

Thank you to all the fans that have joined us throughout the season, as well as all the hard working volunteers for helping the drivers put on a great show every week. The drivers will be back for the final time this season on Saturday and Sunday for the Race for the Fallen with Hot Laps at 6pm and racing at 6:30pm. Please follow all COVID-19 guidelines, in order to speed up entry and make sure no one misses the racing action, please bring a copy of the names and a phone number of everyone in your party for contact tracing. Hope to see you this week at the races!